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    OFFICIAL: Bartlett Student Not Gay

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 8, '05 6:51 PM EST

    Right. That title will take some explaining!

    The guy in the picture is Pretesh (Prit) Patel.

    He was in U18 at the Bartlett last year (my unit, U22, is a new spin-off from U18).

    He's a great lad and is now working for Fosters.

    At some point over the summer he went to Mexico to be on a reality TV show. It was one of those ones where a pretty girl has to pick one guy from a choice of 10. Of course, these days, there has to be a twist.

    The twist to this is that some of the guys are gay. No-one knows who. If the girl picks a straight guy, they share £100,000. If she picks a gay guy, he gets all the money.

    The show is called "Playing It Straight" and went out on Channel 4 tonight in the UK. I wouldn't normally watch this kind of thing, but made an exception for Prit. It's actually not bad for a "reality" show. Quite an interesting idea.

    Anyway. How did Prit do, you're all asking?

    He was 1 of 2 asked to leave in the first episode! I think it was his hair straighteners that did it!

    That really cheered up my Friday night in. I'm getting sick of working EVERY NIGHT. My flatmates roll in pissed at 4am and I'm still working. Sigh. It'll all be over in a few weeks...

    By the way, Prit is NOT gay. It was actually a fairly harsh decision from the girl choosing. There were a bunch of guys more likely than him. Still, it is pretty funny.


    • Christopher Daniel

      A note for American readers:

      In the UK, "pissed" means drunk, not angry. If someone's angry, we say they're "pissed off".

      I thought I ought to explain that.

      Apr 8, 05 9:48 pm

      just by the looks of him, I would've said he was gay... I would've sent him home too.

      Apr 8, 05 11:37 pm

      Yeah, I would have sent him home.....with me. He's hot!

      Er, yeah. Sorry.

      Seriously though.
      Apr 9, 05 12:23 am
      vado retro

      come out already mr. gay man.

      Apr 9, 05 7:35 am

      hehe, quite amusing...

      Apr 9, 05 1:38 pm
      David Cuthbert

      naw that boy looks metro...all the way

      Apr 9, 05 11:06 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Remember, that photo is from the Channel 4 website. They dressed all the guys up as cowboys to make then look a bit camp.

      He is definitely metro, though.

      Apr 10, 05 5:33 am

      "Who would you put in the Celebrity Big Brother house? Michael Jackson"

      "What's the craziest thing you've done for love? Taken a job because I fancied someone who worked there"

      there are some suspect answers here.......keep an eye on this laddy....

      Apr 10, 05 1:37 pm

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