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    Week 01a: Here I go again (on my own)

    By Christopher Daniel
    Sep 27, '05 9:06 AM EST

    It's been a while since I visited this site. So long, in fact, that I forgot how to log in, what my password was, what my username was, how to access my blog and, finally, how to post an entry. Now I'm actually on the right page, I've rather forgotten what I was going to write.

    This time last year I was VERY scared. The whole Bartlett entry system is by turns agonisingly slow and then stupidly frenetic. It took months and lots phone calls to actually find out that I had a place at the school, then the next thing I knew I was sitting through 10 unit presentations back to back and being told to sign up for my chosen unit by 9am the next morning. It's almost as if it's designed to be chaotically intimidating.

    This year, thankfully, I know where I stand a little better. I'm staying on in the same unit and so won't be up at 6am tomorrow to sign up for unit interviews. Last year I got there at about 7.15am and was 10th in the queue. Those who got there at a more reasonable hour didn't have an icecube's chance in hell of signing up for the more popular units.

    Right. Well. This is off to a rather good start, I think. Last year's first Bartlett blogger Ieyaseu posted a really good description of the first week process, so I'll refer you to that too:
    He's now stopped posting stuff so I'm left representin' on my own, as they say.

    I'll try to post something every week, preferably with a (relatively) pretty picture of something. For the moment I'm sitting in an internet cafe cos my computer is fried AGAIN (that's what you get for building a £3000 computer for £1300, I suppose) and I don't move into my new flat until next weekend. Life is hectic enough, so thank gods my unit choice is already made.

    One last thing: is Archinect taking on any new bloggers? A mate of mine has moved from London Metropolitan to ETSAB in Barcelona for his last year of training. He wants to sign up for this project but hasn't had any reply to his e-mails about it. I reckon it'd be great to have a blog from an English guy in Spain, so maybe we could lobby to have him signed up, eh?


    • re: the LMU gent in reply? Try again...might have been lost in Paul's mailbag.

      Sep 27, 05 11:58 pm
      Oliver Bayliss

      oi.....first blog written! I feel like I'm part of something special! Just read the comment above! someone trying to get hold of me? Do I have a reputation?

      Oct 8, 05 6:16 am

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