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    By Christopher Daniel
    Jul 7, '05 8:03 PM EST

    What a wierd day. It's been a while since London got blown up (9 years, really). Quite scary to see such a co-ordinated attack. The emergency services seemed to do bloody well. Luckily I so far don't know of anyone with more than cuts and bruises. Very lucky really, considering that the bus bomb went off in the middle of the university and the last office I worked in was near Edgware Road.

    London will be okay though, and I think that's a good thing.

    On a very different note: The unit website is (pretty much) finished.

    I want to add a couple of things to it, but for the moment it'll do. Everyone has a page with some pictures and some text and a link to e-mail them. That's a start at least.

    It's all at Let me know what y'all think (remember, I'm not a web designer!).

    Night all. Sleep better in the knowledge that, just this time, it wasn't you...


    • abracadabra

      one of the best website design i've seen. projects are beautifuly designed and executed. congratulations to all.

      Jul 7, 05 9:39 pm

      Phenomenal work - beautiful images and projects, and a great website. Well done.

      Jul 7, 05 9:49 pm

      The site is nice and clean -- no need for anything else.

      This project is badass: 26 St James’ Place, London

      Jul 7, 05 10:43 pm
      Israel Kandarian

      beautiful work!

      Jul 8, 05 10:40 am

      I thought the site was brilliant - an authentic and refreshing use of elements

      Jul 8, 05 12:23 pm

      ya, nice site - clean, straightforward, and that one project was especially well articulated (with the facade-skin pocket/bulge thingees)

      Jul 8, 05 12:35 pm

      looks like the site itself got bombed. i couldn't see it, because the bandwidth had been exceeded. must be good work. i can't wait to see it when it is up.

      Jul 8, 05 12:46 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Dammit. That site was only online for 24 hours and it's gone down. Flattering for us all, but still annoying!
      I've e-mailed my server administrator, but he's currently in New Zealand following the Lions tour.

      If anyone has any bandwidth they could lend me (and can explain how to do so) I'd be very grateful.

      Thanks to everyone for the great comments about the site. I've told Dan Welham about the praise for his gentleman's club and he's feeling rather flattered, I think.

      Also, we got an e-mail this afternoon from someone at the AJ (Architect's Journal) asking for images for an article next week. Which is nice.

      Now if only I can get the damned site up again....

      Jul 8, 05 1:01 pm

      chris - the work looks great (hence the Archinect front page feature) and you did a great job with your first website. if you want, we can temporarily host your site until your own host resolves the bandwidth issues. shoot me an email if you're interested.

      Jul 8, 05 2:41 pm

      Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

      The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
      Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

      Jul 8, 05 3:13 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Wow. Thanks for the offer, Paul. I've sent you an e-mail and I hope we can come to an arrangement for the weekend.

      I hadn't noticed the front link until you mentioned it. No wonder my tiny bandwidth was blown apart!

      It's 9pm here in London and that's a drinking time. I called Dan Welham (the guy who's image you used) and told him about it all and he said thanks and was really pleased y'all liked the work.

      Just FYI (for when the site is back up): Fiona Sheppard, Jason Spiliotakos and David Roy all got Distinctions for their design work and Commendations for their Thesis work. All the work is good, but definitely give theirs a look.

      Right. I need to get back to my beer.

      Jul 8, 05 4:35 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      It's about 3.45am London time. I just got back home and found out that I've got some bandwidth back. My mate in NZ managed to sort some out.

      Thanks to Archinect for the offer of hosting and thanks to everyone for the support for the site. If you like the look of the work and are in a position to hire people, click on their name and send them an e-mail. I know that some of the graduating class would be up for a move to the States....

      Night all.

      Jul 8, 05 10:51 pm

      really intriguing projects, well done. Devil's Advocate?...scale figures and more perspectival views ( the whole "you don't experience the project from the popular bird's-eye-view" argument), I would really like to see the interior spaces of these forms, especially those with a highly woven quality to them...but that's just splitting hairs or a subtle request for more images. Good work

      Jul 9, 05 1:42 am

      Great stuff.

      Jul 9, 05 6:27 am

      i went to bartlett summer show and the show they had at the RCA a couple of weeks ago.
      The bartlett exhibtion was amazing. The students seem very inspired and innovative. I loved it. The RCA on the other hand was quite bland in terms of architecture in comparison to the previous years, however still very interesting.

      Jul 9, 05 7:25 pm

      There was a section at the bartlett exhibition where you had to crawl underneath something to get to the work which was intriuging (next to the work of unit 17 students if i'm correct). There was also a section where there was an architectural installation which was entirely mechanical and kenetic, bloody brilliant.

      Great wesbite by the way chris. I love the front page witrh just "22", very elegant.

      Jul 9, 05 7:34 pm
      badass japanese cookie

      nice work and a great idea to create a website for your unit!

      Jul 10, 05 9:33 pm

      I was impressed by a lot of the stuff at the show...but what any of it had to do with architecture was sometimes beyond me!

      anyone else?

      Jul 11, 05 7:01 am
      Christopher Daniel

      So many comments... so little time to answer them. I still need to reply to the very relevant points you raised on my last post, Signum.

      Hopefully I'll have a teabreak this afternoon and I'll throw in my 2p on the subjects of scale drawings, internal perspectives and whether some of the weirder Bartlett work is actually architecture.

      I thought I'd better post something now, though, so that no-one thinks I'm dodging the questions....

      Jul 11, 05 7:33 am
      Christopher Daniel

      Just adding a note here in the hope that Paul gets notifications when people add something to articles he's previously commented on...

      Paul: Did you get the e-mail I sent a couple of days ago? It was via the Archinect internal message system. Essentially it was a pre-emptive contact before I build this year's U22 website. I'm trying to make sure we have enough bandwidth this year!

      The Bartlett show 2006 opens on Friday 23rd June. All are welcome.

      Jun 17, 06 9:31 am

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