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    By Christopher Daniel
    Jul 1, '05 8:05 AM EST

    Hi, all.

    It's been a while. First work got hectic. Then my computer broke down 3 days before my final crit (2am on Friday 13th, of course).

    The year is now over. All of the 5th years and most of the 4th years passed. Our show is now on and the work looks pretty good (the photo above is from last Friday's opening party). I'm now building a unit website at It seems that no other units have websites, which surprises me. I'll let you know when it's finished.

    At some point I intend to go back and put up a bunch of photos from the last month or two. Probably after I get a job.

    I hope everyone's enjoying the summer.


    • Jon Kher Kaw

      Peter Szczepaniak from Alsop Architects? Does he still working there?

      Jul 1, 05 11:01 am
      Christopher Daniel

      He's not at Alsops any more. He's now a full time tutor at the Bartlett with his own unit.

      Do you have any stories....!?

      Jul 1, 05 7:17 pm

      Hi Chris, congratulations on passing. I came down to London to visit my brother, as well as the bartlett (I'm thinking of applying) and of course, Tate Modern - our church of architecture! Saw the Herzog and De Meuron exhibition too, totally insane, but some cool stuff.

      I did notice your wooden model in your unit, but couldn't see anything else related to it, but it looked as cool in real life as on the web. I have to say my favourite units were 19 and 15, though I do like the remit of unit 22 a lot - and it has a nice ring to it.

      Perhaps, if you wouldn't mind Chris - I'd like to pick your brain about the bartlett through an email sometime? Bit of a big decision for me to be honest, especially as I've already done four years at uni (crazy scottish system)

      Anyhoo, good stuff!

      Jul 7, 05 1:43 pm

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