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Dec '04 - Aug '06

  • Bartlett U22 Website 2006

    By Christopher Daniel
    Aug 1, '06 9:45 PM EST

    Right. It's finally done. our unit website has been updated with another year's work.

    In the end I wasn't able to get the site up and running in time for the Bartlett summer show. I reckoned I'd get it up the next week. I really should have realised how difficult it would be to get everyone to send me more of their work once they were all scattered around the globe, some working, some on holiday.

    Anyway, I've now given up chasing the last two peeps (you'll notice the ones with no project info). The site now has a whole bunch of work from everyone else, though.

    Everyone please go take a look at it HERE. Let me know what you think. I really hope we don't run out of bandwidth like last year!

    Unfortunately if anyone discovers any broken links there's not much I'll be able to do about it for quite a while as I'm off on holiday on Thursday. Woo-hoo! Thanks to everyone who's been giving me such good travel tips on this this thread.

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  • Bartlett Summer Show 2006

    By Christopher Daniel
    Jun 19, '06 9:24 AM EST

    It's that time of year again. How the months fly by when you're working your arse off, eh?! The Bartlett summer show starts this Friday night, 23rd June. All the details are here. Friday night is the big open social night with much drinking and chatting and generally being happy that it's all... View full entry

  • Gehry on The Simpsons

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 26, '06 7:19 AM EST

    Ok, I'm sure this has already aired in America, so it's probably old news to many Archinecters, but I still think it's damned funny and therefore worth posting. Click on the video above ur use this link to see Frank Gehry apprearing in The Simpsons. Brilliant. View full entry

  • Wanderlust Podcast on iTunes

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 13, '06 6:56 AM EST

    Another post about music. Anyone would think I was avoiding work... This one is about free music, something fresh to listen to while slaving away those long hours before the final crits. I just got an e-mail from a mate of mine who's in a band called Wanderlust (he's Jack - the lead singer - we... View full entry

  • Music to Watch Weeks go by by...

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 11, '06 5:56 PM EST

    Since I started at the Bartlett, I've had to work from home. Studio space is extremely limited, particularly compared to the spacious facilities I enjoyed up in Newcastle. In our undergraduate spaces we had enough space for a reasonably civilized game of studio cricket (similar to classroom... View full entry

  • Cantilevers [suggestions please!]

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 3, '06 9:44 AM EST

    We had our pre-Easter crit on Saturday. Yesterday was a day off, a precious rarity. A few of us went to a houseparty that was right by the finishline for the Boat Race. I got there about 5 minutes after the event. Train problems. Damned annoying. During the crits I took a few photos of people's... View full entry

  • Peer Review 2006 - 10 weeks to go...

    By Christopher Daniel
    Mar 10, '06 10:48 AM EST

    Right. Time to use this blog the way it's supposed to be used... Last night we had a peer review. It wasn't a crit because Peter & John (our tutors) didn't say anything. They just sat there, listened and enjoyed the break from talking (and had a beer). Everyone pinned up a small selection of... View full entry

  • U22 Fieldtrip 2005 - Budapest (general photos)

    By Christopher Daniel
    Mar 5, '06 12:22 PM EST

    Here are some pics from my wanderings around Budapest. I'll do another post soon with images of my site (and maybe some project info too). Looking along the Danube on our first night in town. Some Hungarian guys practicing their parkour on the Buda side of the Chain Bridge. Looking East from Buda... View full entry

  • I'm back... Sort of..

    By Christopher Daniel
    Mar 5, '06 11:54 AM EST

    Right. I'm going to try to start posting again. There's so much that's happened in the last few months that I almost don't know where to start. I suppose the logical place is: the beginning. So I'll stick up some photos of our unit fieldtrip all the way back in October 2005 (my how time flies... View full entry

  • 04b: A taste of Finland & Estonia, 2004

    By Christopher Daniel
    Oct 20, '05 10:33 AM EST

    Right. Here's a few pics. from last year's trip. Also, there's a few different ones on my Flickr photostream, mostly from Estonia ,but also some from Finland. FINLAND: Here's a disused submarine on Suomenlinna island in Helsinki... A boat in drydock on Suomenlinna with Dan standing in front of... View full entry

  • 04a: Spirit of '56

    By Christopher Daniel
    Oct 19, '05 9:35 AM EST

    We're off to Budapest and Venice next week. Very exciting. There's lots to do before we go, trying to make sure we have some reasonably solid ideas on which we can structure the visit and decide what we might be designing this year and roughly where to site it. I've decided to site my project in... View full entry

  • Week 03a: My Peoples

    By Christopher Daniel
    Oct 11, '05 9:12 AM EST

    I'm very glad to see that Ollie Bayliss has started schoolblogging from ETSAB in Barcelona. I reckon those of us he's left back in London will get more info out of him this way than if we just rely on his notoriously sketchy e-mail communications. When he sets his mind to it, though, he's a... View full entry

  • Week 01a: Here I go again (on my own)

    By Christopher Daniel
    Sep 27, '05 9:06 AM EST

    It's been a while since I visited this site. So long, in fact, that I forgot how to log in, what my password was, what my username was, how to access my blog and, finally, how to post an entry. Now I'm actually on the right page, I've rather forgotten what I was going to write. This time last... View full entry

  • Bombs & Websites

    By Christopher Daniel
    Jul 7, '05 8:03 PM EST

    What a wierd day. It's been a while since London got blown up (9 years, really). Quite scary to see such a co-ordinated attack. The emergency services seemed to do bloody well. Luckily I so far don't know of anyone with more than cuts and bruises. Very lucky really, considering that the bus bomb... View full entry


    By Christopher Daniel
    Jul 1, '05 8:05 AM EST

    Hi, all. It's been a while. First work got hectic. Then my computer broke down 3 days before my final crit (2am on Friday 13th, of course). The year is now over. All of the 5th years and most of the 4th years passed. Our show is now on and the work looks pretty good (the photo above is from last... View full entry

  • BIG origami

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 14, '05 6:12 PM EST

    Right. This is the next stage. First I made the plaster model, then the first timber one. Since then, I've been working on an accurate model in 3D Studio Max. Now that's mostly done (modelled, but no pretty renders), I've got to make another timber model, using the Max model to make sure it's... View full entry

  • OFFICIAL: Bartlett Student Not Gay

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 8, '05 6:51 PM EST

    Right. That title will take some explaining! The guy in the picture is Pretesh (Prit) Patel. He was in U18 at the Bartlett last year (my unit, U22, is a new spin-off from... View full entry

  • Another model...

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 7, '05 3:16 PM EST

    Here's the next model. From this I've started making it in 3D Studio Max. Hopefully the next step is use the Max model as a template to make a more accurate wooden model. I'm currently in negotiations with some very helpful people who run a... View full entry

  • Bartlett T-shirts

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 2, '05 6:46 AM EST

    While I'm on this site, there's something else I've been meaning to post for a while... Ages ago, way back when I had time to think, i.e. 2004, I thought I'd work up some Bartlett T-shirts. Anyone who knows the school will get where I'm coming from with the prison theme, I'm sure. There's even a... View full entry

  • Too much to do. too little time.

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 2, '05 6:35 AM EST

    It's all getting a bit stressful here. Only 6 weeks to go until portfolio hand-in. To be honest, it's been stressful for a while, which is why I haven't really felt I could spend the time to put stuff on this blog. I do, however, have some photos of work (without much explanation, I'm afraid) on a... View full entry

  • Coming up for air... briefly

    By Christopher Daniel
    Feb 15, '05 1:17 PM EST

    We had a mid-year review last Thursday. This wasn't a normal pin-up where we lay out our work and then talk about it. This time we laid it out, then went home and let our TUTORS talk about it. The idea is that tutors from several units get together to look at all our work and decide if we're... View full entry

  • Bartlett Christmas BBQ Photo

    By Christopher Daniel
    Feb 2, '05 4:38 PM EST

    I've just posted a photo from last term's Christmas BBQ here. Wanted to test whether or not I could post stuff and back-date it. Turns out I can. View full entry

  • Detailing

    By Christopher Daniel
    Feb 2, '05 2:11 PM EST

    I was in the Bartlett library looking for some back issues of DETAIL magazine from 1995 and 1996. They didn't have them. According to the librarians, there was no record of ever having had them. The Bartlett only started getting DETAIL in 1997. I think that demonstrates a key difference between... View full entry

  • Engineering

    By Christopher Daniel
    Jan 26, '05 11:54 AM EST

    Just got back from a meeting at a structural engineers' office. Now that the Bartlett expect us to actually comply with Building Regulations, it's nice to see that they've got some specialists involved to help us do so. Rutger at Michael Hadi Associates gave me over an hour of time to help me work... View full entry

  • Testing, Testing

    By Christopher Daniel
    Jan 25, '05 4:41 AM EST

    Right. I've just been signed up to this project. Thought I'd try a test post and include a picture of my site. It's near a village called Kasmu on the Baltic coast of Estonia. I've got other site photos up at More about that later. View full entry

  • Bartlett Christmas BBQ

    By Christopher Daniel
    Dec 18, '04 4:20 PM EST

    Here's a picture of the Bartlett Christmas BBQ, Friday 17th December 2004. It's from my cameraphone, so please forgive the low quality. I really think it's one of the greatest ideas ever: an outdoor BBQ in central London in December. I'm not sure quite who organises it, but I know the workshop... View full entry

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