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    BIG origami

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 14, '05 6:12 PM EST

    Right. This is the next stage.

    First I made the plaster model, then the first timber one. Since then, I've been working on an accurate model in 3D Studio Max. Now that's mostly done (modelled, but no pretty renders), I've got to make another timber model, using the Max model to make sure it's accurate.

    The structural stuff went to the laser-cutter's on Wednesday. I get that back tomorrow. Once I've stuck all that together (about 60 pieces of 3mm ply!) I'll need to veneer it like I did the last one. In order to do that I've made the image above.

    The original of this image is 1.8m x 1.3m. Here's a link to a medium resolution copy:

    It image shows that 3D model accurately broken down into a series flat conjoined polygons on a biiig sheet of paper. I'll then cut these out and use them as a pattern for cutting the timber veneer to shape before I stick it to the plywood structure.

    Should be a LOT quicker than doing it by trail and error like I did last time!

    After that, I may well fold the paper bits along the dotted lines and stick them all together. It's like a really big, complex piece of origami, really.

    Soooo much to do. Back to work.


    • bigness

      good luck with it, looking foward to the finished product...

      Apr 15, 05 5:59 am

      how did you unfold them like that to be accurate and lay flat? looks interesting..

      Apr 15, 05 12:19 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      I used a little piece of software called Pepakura. It's Japanese and is actually designed to help make really complex origami (or stuff like it).

      It complained a bit about the size of the model, but seems to have managed it ok eventually. We'll see what happens when I try to use the template!

      Apr 15, 05 1:24 pm

      Bit like Blue Peter this architecture lark.

      Apr 15, 05 3:46 pm

      Peppakura is great. We used it this semester to unfold stuff outta Maya.

      Apr 15, 05 6:07 pm

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