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    Week 03a: My Peoples

    By Christopher Daniel
    Oct 11, '05 9:12 AM EST

    I'm very glad to see that Ollie Bayliss has started schoolblogging from ETSAB in Barcelona. I reckon those of us he's left back in London will get more info out of him this way than if we just rely on his notoriously sketchy e-mail communications. When he sets his mind to it, though, he's a damned fine writer, so everyone should check out his stuff here. He also takes good photos, so hopefully he'll include them regularly in his posts. To keep him company, above is one I took while queuing to get into the Dali Museum in Figueres when he, Dan & I were driving around Catalunya in September. It was perfectly positioned to get a REALLY long line of anglophone tourists thinking a bit.

    Another honourable mention is also something of a plug for another website I put together. Those of you who were reading this site earlier this year will have seen the unit website I built at People seemed to like it and one of our images even made it to the Archinect front page (which promptly sent us so much traffic it crashed our server). That image was by Dan Welham, who has now graduated from the Bartlett and is out in the big wide world of work. As part of his drive to get the right job, he and I have built him a bit of an online CV. Check it out here. Click on any of the text to see pretty pictures of some very cool projects. He's currently deciding between a few prospects in London, but has told me he's open to suggestions from further afield. If you like the work, get in touch. His e-mail address is on the site.

    As for me... well now I'm in the flow of things, I'll put that in a seperate post.

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