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    Too much to do. too little time.

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 2, '05 6:35 AM EST

    It's all getting a bit stressful here. Only 6 weeks to go until portfolio hand-in. To be honest, it's been stressful for a while, which is why I haven't really felt I could spend the time to put stuff on this blog.


    I do, however, have some photos of work (without much explanation, I'm afraid) on a photoblog at The link for the picture above is:


    • badass japanese cookie

      really beautiful model

      Apr 2, 05 12:01 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Glad you like it. It started out as a foam sketch model that I chopped up to get the shapes for a timber model (pictures of that are on the Flickr link above). My tutors liked the shape of it so I put it back together and used 2 boxes of Polyfilla to make it look a bit more presentable.

      Apr 2, 05 12:42 pm

      It does look rather interesting, but one question, could a disabled person traverse it? ;-)

      Apr 2, 05 12:56 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      An excellent question! Exactly the kind of thing I've been told I'll get grilled on at the end of the project.

      Every area of the roof with a designated use will be accessible via a route that has a rise of less that 1m in 20m going. Other areas are steeper, but they're not critical to the experience of the building and would probably only be walked on by advernturous children. The main route across the building (on the right of the photo above) will need to be tweaked slightly to make sure it's either shallower than 1:20 or has suitable breaks in the slope. Hopefully the former.

      Since I started the project I've seen a building in Copenhagen by PLOT that has a roof with similar uses:

      Most of the building functions are underneath the timber roof. Principle disabled access is via a lift and mezzanine floor inside the building. Of course, it can also be approached from the landscape around it, but that's all grassy woodland, so wheelchair users would probably need a pretty damned high-tech chair!

      That's quite a serious, long answer to what was probably a light-hearted question, but I thought I'd take it at face value. These are the kind of things I've got rolling around my head at the moment, so I may as well get them out in writing!

      Apr 2, 05 1:27 pm

      An excellent answer Chris, I have to commend you on taking it so seriously, as I did mean it mostly in jest, while of course realising that it's a serious consideration! Of course the maximum gradient is a bit of a nightmare sometimes, and it has caused problems in some of my designs, but as of course you know, if one is careful and treats it as 'just another design problem' from the start then it normally pans out ok, again not to trivialise the issue.

      I like the arcspace thing, it looks like great fun. I have to be a cynic and say that it would never get built in britain, but hopefully things will change. We will always have wet floor signs on our stair at uni though, even though it's never washed!

      Again, a beautiful model, good stuff. Out of interest are you at degree level or post-grad? I'm just finishing honours this year (Strathclyde), I would love to do my masters somewhere else, though I fear I would never get into the Bartlett, nor afford it and London combined...


      Apr 2, 05 4:32 pm

      durrr, just realised it's the website that is arcspace, not the design, excuse me, a bit hungover!

      Apr 2, 05 4:33 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      I'm in 4th year, which is the 1st year of the diploma (post-graduate) course. Of course, the Scottish system is different so I don't know how that fits with your degrees up there. It's a bit complicated moving from Scotland to England, isn't it? I did my first degree at Newcastle.

      Thanks for the comments about the model. I haven't shown it to my tutors yet so it's good to get feedback! I've realised that the post above only links to one photo. Photos of the other model are at, if you're interested.

      Apr 2, 05 5:47 pm

      Yeah, tell me about it, if I try and move down south i will probably have to do 5 extra years!

      I had already checked out the wooden model, looks very nice, hard to work out how it was done from the photo, all one piece or in parts? Some interesting photos too, like that tidal pattern, and the 80s ski wear outfit is well put together!

      This is your blog so I won't post it here, but if you look at my profile I have my website on it, just photography/videos though, no architecture unfortunately. (or fortunately perhaps!)

      Apr 2, 05 7:11 pm

      oh and good luck with the tutorial.

      Apr 2, 05 7:11 pm

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