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    04b: A taste of Finland & Estonia, 2004

    By Christopher Daniel
    Oct 20, '05 10:33 AM EST

    Right. Here's a few pics. from last year's trip. Also, there's a few different ones on my Flickr photostream, mostly from Estonia ,but also some from Finland.


    Here's a disused submarine on Suomenlinna island in Helsinki...

    A boat in drydock on Suomenlinna with Dan standing in front of it...


    Down by the docks in Tallinn...

    Some kind of seriously communist concert hall in Tallinn. We thought it was a disused military bunker from the outside, but it seems to be still in use somehow...

    Russian military detritus in the backrooms of a massive disused Soviet submarine training facility in Paldiski. It was known as the "Pentagoni" because of it's size. I reckon the Russians didn't know that the Pentagon was named because of it's shape...

    This was the corridor outside our rooms in a really wierd empty hotel outside Narva on the Baltic coast where eastern Estonia borders with Russia. Six of us had gone off on a roadtrip to look for sites. The place was pretty big and we were the only people staying there, the little old lady at reception spoke only Russian. There was no heating. For those without thermals, vodka and huddling for warmth was the only option. We dubbed it the hotel "Shiningrad"...

    We were driving from Narva to Lake Peipsi (mostly very hungover) and found this lake hidden amonst trees beside the road. We tried to find it on the map, it wasn't there. We tried to find it when we drove back the other way, it had disappeared. Karen used it as her site...

    A border watchtower on the shores of Lake Peipsi where Estonia meets Russia...

    Here's some pics from my site on the Baltic Coast near the village of Kasmu...

    The whole trip was pretty much divided into work by day and play by night. In one of the clubs in Tallinn there was a photographer going round taking pictures of the punters. When we got back to the UK we found pictures of Konstantinos....

    and Jason, who is currently doing his National Service back in Greece, so hopefully won't be able to object to this picture going online again...

    So that's just a taster of last year's week away. Come back in a couple of weeks to see how we got on this year.


    • Daniel_Linder

      Amazing images... makes me kind of sad I didn't apply to Bartlett... Those are truly beautiful pictures, even better than the ones from Budapest.



      Jan 24, 06 8:31 pm

      So where did you go then Daniel? Those sort of images are ten a penny ;-)

      Just kidding! So Chris - what's new?

      Mar 5, 06 6:06 am
      Christopher Daniel

      Dammit, that's just the kind of bare-faced cheek that might make me post something again.

      It's been a long time though. Probably have to start with pictures from the fieldtrip.

      Now I just need to remember how to post...

      Mar 5, 06 7:48 am

      Hehe, as Mr Burns would say, 'excellent'!

      Mar 5, 06 10:40 am
      Christopher Daniel

      Right. That was the kick up the arse I've been needing.

      Here's some fieldtrip photos to start the ball rolling again:


      Mar 5, 06 1:08 pm

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