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    Gehry on The Simpsons

    By Christopher Daniel
    Apr 26, '06 7:19 AM EST

    Ok, I'm sure this has already aired in America, so it's probably old news to many Archinecters, but I still think it's damned funny and therefore worth posting.

    Click on the video above ur use this link to see Frank Gehry apprearing in The Simpsons.



    • yah. the thing with the wrecking balls gets me every time. wonder if you could make something like that work?!

      Apr 26, 06 7:23 am

      if you can believe it, this episode is included in the exhibition of his work at the art gallery of ontario. tee hee.

      Apr 26, 06 8:05 am
      sporadic supernova

      yeah i remember this one ... almost forgot about it ...good laugh ,, :D

      Apr 26, 06 8:21 am


      Apr 26, 06 2:32 pm

      very good, very true, very gehry...

      actually that last bit doesn't fit in there at all, it just rhymed nicely ;-)

      on another note, where is the sexy archi porn daniel? is it under wraps, hidden from your colleagues/competitors? I know I don't bandy around my design ideas any more - people just steal them willy nilly if you do that!

      Apr 26, 06 2:48 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      The "sexy archi-porn"?! I think you're in the wrong shop, mate. We don't sell that kind of thing round 'ere.

      Seriously, though...

      If/when I have good quality images to show and the time to post them, I'll do so. At the moment, I've got about 100 renders/images lined up, but none of them are finished. That's literally 100, by the way, I've somehow eneded up presenting my building as a series of still images from an animated movie. That means a hell of a lot of presentation work. My tutors want the final portfolio to be based around a picture book of at least 75 (semi-)photoreal A4 images. It makes my head hurt.

      Also, I find it really hard to put my own work on this blog while it's still half-finished. I posted a few semi-decent renders on Flickr a while back though.

      To be honest, I doubt I'll have the opportunity to post anything before our final hand-in on 30th May. I will, however, promise to do a full write up after the hand-in and do a whole lot of blogging during the preparations for our summer show.

      In the meantime, I'll just make the odd post like this during teabreaks.

      Apr 26, 06 2:59 pm

      hehe, I didn't mean anything indecent (although I'm sure such things are not actively discouraged at the bartlett)

      It's just a very handy term for a lot of the images out there, which to the architecture student (and architects, if they're not too bitter and twisted yet) are immensely appealing, much in the way that porn is, to other sick individuals (not just architecture students)

      Maybe that didn't need clarifying, but I've typed this all in now, so I'm damned if I'm not posting it...

      Good luck with the render farm!

      Apr 26, 06 4:50 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      I'll just leave you there digging your own hole, Signum....

      Apr 26, 06 5:18 pm

      I seem to be doing that a lot these days...oh well.

      Think I might do a blog for my final year - watch this space!

      Apr 27, 06 4:38 am

      archi porn...

      Will someone tell me the point in not making an image of your building gratiuitously beautiful.

      Apr 27, 06 6:36 pm

      I think there is almost always a good reason to make your building look beautiful - it seems to work on the tutors/academics a treat, and while you have to watch it sometimes, archiporn is definately IN

      even if some people don't seem to know the term...

      Apr 28, 06 8:05 am
      Christopher Daniel

      Oh, I know the term. I use it myself, occasionally. I just thought I'd leave you digging for a bit.

      I actually wrote a reply to Ieyaseu's post, clicked "Preview" and then forgot to actually "Submit" it. Dammit.

      I must be tired. I wonder why...

      (Click Preview... Click SUBMIT... Done)

      Apr 28, 06 8:11 am

      I don't click preview, hence the uncensored (and probably hideously misspelt) posts...

      I wonder if there are any equivalent terms in other languages - I bet the Dutch one would be good - I'll just email Koolhaas and see what he says...

      Apr 29, 06 8:53 am

      he's just left a voicemail;

      rather predictably it´s

      "archiporno" - delivered of course in a very duuuutch accent.

      let that be the end of it!

      May 1, 06 7:44 am

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