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    Coming up for air... briefly

    By Christopher Daniel
    Feb 15, '05 1:17 PM EST

    We had a mid-year review last Thursday. This wasn't a normal pin-up where we lay out our work and then talk about it. This time we laid it out, then went home and let our TUTORS talk about it. The idea is that tutors from several units get together to look at all our work and decide if we're passing or failing. It's our unit tutors job to persuade the others that we are all passing.

    Do other schools have this kind of thing? I've never heard of it before.

    Anyway, it all went ok. Apparently our unit is in a comparably good position for this stage in the year.

    That was Thursday. You'd think that after a thing like that, we might get the chance to chill for a weekend, right? Time to sort out other stuff (bills, sleep, friends) before getting back to work, right?

    Wrong. We had tutorials on Saturday. Pressure was duly applied. Only 14 weeks to go. Lots to do.


    I'll get around to posting some pictures and a proper project description sometime soon. I hope.


    • RoBBie

      What Up Chris,
      At my school, New York Tech, this is called thesis walk through. The faculty is asked to walk through and evaluate each student based the amount of work for the design seven and half of design eight. Each student is limited to only 1 or 2 24 by 36 foam core boards. Any student not approved of the faculty cannot complete their project for the semester. They are held back till the next design eight semester.

      Feb 15, 05 8:17 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Interesting. Thanks for that, Robbie.

      Well, we don't get held back if we fail this, it's not strictly a "pass" or "fail" thing. The actual grades are "Probablee Pass" and "Possible Fail" or something like that, I think. Anyone who fails at this stage gets a kick up the arse from the tutors and knows that in the summer (when the academic year ends) they will be being watched to make sure they have made sufficient progress. Failing now just makes it harder to pass in the summer, I'm told.

      It's interesting what you saying about people being held back. That's not the kind of thing that British universities like doing, mostly. Most unis give failing students as many chances as possible to catch up by the end of the year. It's normally only if they fail a re-submission at the end of the summer (just before the new academic year starts) that people are held back.

      Getting held back between semesters would make things complicated, wouldn't it? Some people would be doing a new project, while others are still doing the first one. That must be a logistical nightmare for the tutors!

      Feb 16, 05 3:54 am

      i also had that kind of pin-ups when i was in undergrad back in crazy mexico city... the tutors talked about it while we were trying to recover for the 3 straight all-nighters... anyway... post some graphics of it dude...

      Feb 16, 05 5:54 am

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