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  • A Piece of Cake

    Chris Hildrey
    Mar 2, '13 10:43 AM EST

    Well, it's been a while...

    Since my last post I had to take some time away from my blog while I juggled a full-time job, a research degree at the Bartlett, and several side projects. With that all done I decided to take some time out from the monitor stare-down that was my life to travel the world a bit. 

    In the end, I went travelling through Japan, China, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia with my girlfriend. Since getting back to the UK I've condensed some of the video footage from that time into a 5 and a half minute video. I hope you like it. :)

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    A Piece of Cake

  • Woolworth Tower

    Chris Hildrey
    Apr 17, '11 5:46 PM EST

    Last week I went along to the 176 Gallery - home of the Zabludowicz Collection - for the book launch of a project I recently completed with the artist Matthew Darbyshire. As part of the trans-Atlantic exhibition, The Shape We're In, 5 artists were invited to create installations for the 33rd floor... View full entry

  • Food for Thought and other associated puns

    Chris Hildrey
    Apr 12, '11 8:27 PM EST

    I've got a couple of blog posts waiting in the wings (some renders I did for an exhibition in Times Square and a talk I helped organize at the Barbican) but, while I wait for clearance from official photographers etc, I thought I'd get a quick blog post under the belt to test the new School Blog... View full entry

  • Favela Painting at Santa Marta, Rio De Janeiro

    Chris Hildrey
    Jan 16, '11 8:25 PM EST

    One thing which I've come across in recent months has been the work of Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn for the Firmeza Foundation. The Foundation supports the creation of artwork in unexpected places with Jeroen and Dre taking this approach to Rio to produce amazing murals with the help of local... View full entry

  • Zebra Imaging Blows My Mind

    Chris Hildrey
    Nov 16, '10 3:02 PM EST

    I really need to catch up on my blog posts but in the meantime this holographic panel (kind of) blows my mind. I say 'kind of' because from what I can see, it's very limited in its viewing angle; apart from the benefits of novelty factor and portability, I can't see how it's better than a physical... View full entry

  • PLEASE CRIT THIS - 1: Tom Ibbitson

    Chris Hildrey
    Jul 26, '10 10:34 PM EST

    University can be quite an insular business. So much time spent focussing on the tiny details can be suffocating for the student; the underlying manifestos of units and departments leaving students struggling to find a clear path for their ideas and even less likely to be able to find a position... View full entry

  • 1.7 - Gold-panning in India

    Chris Hildrey
    Jul 4, '10 8:26 PM EST

    I came across this in Private Eye the other day: "Panning for gold in the sewers is like looking for a needle in a haystack," Samir Sheikh told reporters at the Zaveri bazaar in Mumbai, "so we do meticulous research beforehand, to help us hunt it down. First, we find out where the goldsmiths... View full entry

  • 1.5 - This Grating Blows My Mind

    Chris Hildrey
    Jun 10, '10 5:07 PM EST

    Euston Road, London View full entry

  • 1.4 - My Favourite Building in London

    Chris Hildrey
    Jun 10, '10 2:33 PM EST

    From Wallpaperb) Rowley Way, Abbey Road NW8 0SF Often seen as the last ditch attempt to reconcile social housing with the minimal space of central London, architect Neave Brown’s 1979 council project, Alexandra Road is terraced housing reinterpreted with a modernist twist. A low-rise large... View full entry

  • 1.3 - RIBA Forgotten Spaces Results and Opening Night

    Chris Hildrey
    May 29, '10 2:57 PM EST

    OK, so this Wednesday night just gone was the opening night of the RIBA Forgotten Spaces Exhibition at the National Thatre on London's Southbank. As mentioned in a previous post, this exhibition was of the 20 shortlisted schemes from over 150 entries to propose interventions in some of the... View full entry

  • 1.2 - Business Time

    Chris Hildrey
    Apr 10, '10 11:18 AM EST

    Quickly following on from the last post: One of the things I got around to doing for the ELIS exhibition opening was to make some business cards. These are 0.2mm stainless steel. It's an expensive way to make a business card, but I from people's reactions so far they seem to be memorable - and... View full entry

  • 1.1 - THE ART RACE

    Chris Hildrey
    Apr 10, '10 11:13 AM EST

    It’s fair to say that I was nervous about a fair few things having graduated uni. Not least trying to find a job in the midst of a recession. But more than that - when I eventually did find a job, I was aware that this is potentially a very dangerous time in any architect-to-be’s life... View full entry

  • Competition News...Wooooo!

    Chris Hildrey
    Apr 7, '10 7:29 AM EST

    This is more of a *stop press* post. As mentioned in my previous entry, I'd entered a competition recently and was awaiting the results. Well, I just found out I've been shorlisted! :D It was the RIBA Forgotten Spaces competition and the full shortlist can be found HERE. According to the email... View full entry

  • Post-graduation/pre-next stage blog...

    Chris Hildrey
    Mar 18, '10 9:47 PM EST

    Well, after a long haitus from blogging here and having graduated from the Bartlett since, it seems I'm back again. It looks like I'll hopefully be returning to the Bartlett soon to join the Advanced Architectural Research programme (more on that to come). In the meantime, I thought I'd get round... View full entry

  • New Pepsi Logo Blows My Mind...

    Chris Hildrey
    Feb 10, '09 9:23 AM EST

    Or...How I Realised Architecture Portfolios Aren't All That Different From Advertising Pitches (and my subsequent breakdown)Backstory The advertising agency's PDF presentation for the new Pepsi logo was leaked via reddit a few hours ago (I've made a mirror of it here for archinect viewing: here... View full entry

  • The fruits of Christmas labour

    Chris Hildrey
    Jan 2, '09 4:27 AM EST

    With the convivialities over, work looms once again on the horizon. Very close on the horizon as it happens - I've just fiished a model and now I'm off to get a train to London to see my tutors. Would you believe me if I told you I was celebrating on the inside? It's not that I'm not looking... View full entry

  • Sarajevo field trip - photo blog

    Chris Hildrey
    Nov 22, '08 12:59 PM EST

    Sarajevo in the morning: Big chess played by locals in the Old Town One of the many graveyards in the city Snap happy Reminders of the war are still very present despite the fact that the city and people have clearly moved on The reconstructed Mostar bridge, bombed during the war View from bridge... View full entry

  • If you go down to the sewer today...

    Chris Hildrey
    Oct 27, '08 9:28 PM EST

    My project this year is heading in an interesting direction. I have no idea where it's ultimately going to take me, but that's really the point. It's exhilirating to be able to just enjoy it as it develops. However, for all this enjoyment and desire to share my thoughts (archinect has always... View full entry

  • Roger Hiorns installation

    Chris Hildrey
    Oct 21, '08 2:42 PM EST

    Last Sunday myself and a few others from the unit went along to to Seizure - a new installation from Roger Hiorns. If you don't know this British artist, here's a brief summary:"British artist Roger Hiorns makes exceptional use of unlikely materials: detergent, disinfectant, perfume, fire and... View full entry

  • 3 lectures in 1 post

    Chris Hildrey
    Oct 15, '08 10:15 PM EST

    I've been absent from my blog recently. This is mostly due to the lethal combination of a horrendous cold and the usual work load now that term has started. But add in the extra-curricular activities and it's fair to say that things are fairly busy. Of course, a large part of this is due to the... View full entry

  • Unit Descriptions in Full (and gutting the studio)

    Chris Hildrey
    Sep 30, '08 8:06 PM EST

    Ok, so in an earlier entry I got about half way through describing this year's Bartlett units before I got so tired I had to stop. It's weird - even though I worked all summer uni has hit me like a tonne of bricks. Anyway - the units in full follow (but if you want to skip the filler, head to... View full entry

  • Intermission - This cabinet blows my mind

    Chris Hildrey
    Sep 27, '08 11:33 PM EST

    Fractal 23 by Takeshi Miyakawa - see here A cabinet that uses the entire volume of a cube by using corresponding drawers. View full entry

  • Testing Times

    Chris Hildrey
    Sep 24, '08 9:42 PM EST

    We're now three days into the first week and the usual routine of Bartlett registration and unit presentations has begun. Though maybe 'usual' is the wrong word to use. It actually feels anything but usual. Since Unit 22 got decommisioned over summer a world of uncertainty has opened up. Comfort... View full entry

  • Another Serpentine Pavillion Entry...

    Chris Hildrey
    Sep 21, '08 8:02 PM EST

    Well, it looks like Mustafa beat me to it when it came to blogging about the Serpentine Pavilion. But what the hey, you can never have too much Gehry, right? *cough cough* I too had left it far too long before making the journey to Hyde Park to see it. I've been holding off on reading about it for... View full entry

  • Unit 22 no more

    Chris Hildrey
    Sep 1, '08 8:05 PM EST

    You know when you have a day that starts off great then ends terribly? Welcome to Monday. Today I went with work on a practise half day to the V&A museum to sketch. Of course, having just one and a half hours to see the exhibit and make a sketch or two didn't leave much time for either... View full entry

  • This advert blows my mind

    Chris Hildrey
    Aug 30, '08 11:02 AM EST

  • A brief history of 4th year

    Chris Hildrey
    Aug 23, '08 10:49 PM EST

    As mentioned in my last post I'm going to give a quick description of 4th year at the Bartlett. I've had a few emails from people looking at/coming to the Bartlett looking for info. I too looked to archinect when I was about to start and it was so useful to get an idea of what I was heading into... View full entry

  • Previously on 'Unit 22'... (and hello)

    Chris Hildrey
    Aug 20, '08 7:53 PM EST

    Well, seeing as I'm about to enter my final year at the Bartlett I guess a brief introduction to myself and a recap of my first year at the school would be a good way to give some context to the highs and lows that will inevitably come over the next 12 months. Last year - for those not down with... View full entry

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