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  • Ulaanbataar

    By Travis Woodward
    Sep 3, '08 11:09 AM EST

    So I'm in internet access range. Yes I am doing the trans-mongolian, and yes it is possible to get from beijing to london by train!

    Some pictures. Our train goes to Irkutsk near Lake Baikal tommorrow

    all photos

    New Beijing terminal:

    New Beijing Airport Terminal express. Powered by a linear motor, so no overhead electrification

    Beijing Dongzhimen subway station

    Bubble Cube.Couldn't get a good shot. Tons of security,etc.

    transmongolian train

    Ulaanbataar Station

    Constructivist Soviet-Mongolian friendship memorial

    Solar Powered Ger!

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  • Hello!

    By Travis Woodward
    Aug 28, '08 12:34 PM EST

    I will be starting an MSc in Sustainable development at the UCL Bartlett school of architecture. I will be studying through their Development Planning Unit. You can read more about the programme here. I am wrapping up seven years of life... View full entry

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