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    By Christopher Daniel
    Feb 2, '05 2:11 PM EST

    I was in the Bartlett library looking for some back issues of DETAIL magazine from 1995 and 1996. They didn't have them. According to the librarians, there was no record of ever having had them. The Bartlett only started getting DETAIL in 1997.

    I think that demonstrates a key difference between the old Bartlett and the new: Back then, there was no need for a subscription to detail magazine because everything was so conceptual. Now diploma students have to comply with the building regulations, there are loads of us who could use a little guidance in sorting out the junctions in our building fabric.

    We're still expected to have gone through the conceptual and intellectual development of the project first, but now we have to get the DPC in the right place too.

    Surely that's a good thing, even if it is a little boring...


    • MADianito

      i c ur mapping bartlett history thru detail magazine purchases.... good job!

      Feb 2, 05 4:06 pm
      Christopher Daniel

      Heh. I guess I am a bit.

      I was a bit shocked to find they didn't have it. It seemed such an obvious and useful title for an architecture school to stock.

      Obviously not.

      Feb 2, 05 4:15 pm

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