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    Not on Such a Roll Here With the Posts

    bryan boyer Nov 4 '05 4

    I'm not even going to fake any sort of narrative, all you get are some random images collected over the past few weeks.

    Every studio needs a rubber banana, doesn't it? The object that results from pouring casting rubber into a taped up banana peel is not only surprisingly realistic but also quite creepy.

    Having been barred from using blue foam in both of last year's studios I'm now embracing the foam.

    Pre-halloween festivities.

    That's a 2x4 duct taped in-between two panes of glass at the new Pei, Cobb, Fried beaut' next to Gund Hall. Nice detailing.

    More excellent tape details and AB's love of buckets as an organizational method.

    One day this armless torso-neck-head mannequin showed up on LB's desk and the studio has taken quite a liking to it. She gets new adornments on a regular basis.

    Sauerbruch + Hutton have decorated the lobby with an array of painted MDF panels and drawings routed into hanging acrylic sheets. Colors.


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