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    bryan boyer Dec 16 '04 4

    Yesterday, in a surprise move, my studio critic dropped this tiny piece of confetti on my model and said "maybe this will inspire you." Last week he told us about his stint in the Finnish military. On the one hand I'm encouraged to "party" and on the other I'm worried that if I don't deliver a good project I'll be asked to hit the deck for a salvo of pushups. I'm going to interpret "party" as meaning "work all weekend long on my final model and hope I don't ruin it with my craftsmanship."


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      Dec 17, 04 12:07 pm

      come on bryan! party is party...!!

      work all weekend, but in a party mood... the project will be better that way

      badass japanese cookie
      Dec 19, 04 10:29 am

      your photos are always fantastic. what kind of camera do you use?

      bryan boyer
      Dec 19, 04 2:08 pm

      They're from a nikon 4500, except for the first few which came from my camera phone.

      Dec 20, 04 6:12 am

      Happy Christmas Bryan!!!

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