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    Hobby Shop?

    bryan boyer Apr 22 '05 5

    For all the wonderfulness that MIT produces, it's a physically weird place. How can the preeminent research institution in the United States have posting boards in the infinite hallway that look, with their construction paper and scalloped edges, like they belong in an elementary school classroom?


    Today I visited MIT to use the water jet cutter in the "Hobby Shop" which was an experience all too itself. Only at MIT would there be a fantastic metal and wood shop located underneath the basketball court. I'm not even going to address the name...

    For a brief moment the thought of loosing my all my fingers sounded better than having to endure the next three weeks of mounting workload.

    Finally made it to the Saarinen chapel

    Back at the GSD I thought about assassinating my buttmate, but ultimately decided that that just wouldn't be nice!*

    *For all those people who heard from some mysterious source (read: New Haven) that the competition at the GSD is vicious, please note that assassination is a regular tactic used to get a leg up against your competition. You've been warned.



    • nervoussystem
      Apr 22, 05 4:49 am

      oh man MIT is awesome

      did you visit the chapel when it was dark outside? a sunny day is best due to the reflections from the moat on the undulating walls

      David Cuthbert
      Apr 22, 05 8:14 am

      did you turn around and forget about the chapel focussing on the carpenter by Corbusier instead?

      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
      Apr 22, 05 4:17 pm

      You grip your coffee mug in a most interesting fashion ....

      bryan boyer
      Apr 22, 05 5:29 pm

      That isn't me but LB appears to be throwing some WEST SIDE pride.

      Derek Lindner
      Apr 30, 05 1:07 pm

      corridor, bryan, the infinite corridor.

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