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    Escalators, be gone!

    bryan boyer Mar 13 '05 1

    Friday was the final crit for our first studio project of the semester and I haven't spoken to a single person who is sad to see the project go. We've had enough designing with escalators to tide us over for quite a while.

    The Escalatron: A creature built out of escalators waiting to be inserted into a model.

    This isn't my model (our section was not allowed to make models for this project!) but it sums up how I feel about the project fairly well.

    Friday afternoon I got a bite to eat at our cafeteria, Chauhaus, and realized that it was the first real meal I'd had in two days. Prior to that it was vending machine food and a couple of LB's rice cakes. For those not familiar with this view, it's a scene from Broadway Market. Perhaps the most cliche thing a GSD student can tell perspectives or new students is that "Broadway will be your best friend for the first month of school and then you're going to be sick of it." Broadway and I were never very good friends to begin with, but I'm somewhat captivated by the macabre spectacle of the buffet trays.

    Either she's really concerned with dental hygiene or HH is rocking some kind of eccentric installation.

    They're spawning!


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