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    Safety Card

    bryan boyer Oct 23 '04 2

    In case you missed it in the forums, Mason White has posted a safety card from when he was a student at the GSD (recently?) and it's comic gold.

    In the event that we lose cabin pressure...

    Check out the whole thing!



    • Alex MaymindAlex Maymind
      Oct 28, 04 12:14 am

      what program were these images composed in? i love some cynical work now and then. our studio needs some of these as well if we are to compete with the top guns at the mighty gsd

      Mason White
      Oct 28, 04 10:33 am

      it is this really really fancy program called 'photoshop' ... take picture of school interior, steal card from inside back pocket of airplane, mix to suit ... voila!

      cheapman's rendering circa 2001!

      bryan, i have another one that current gsd-ers might like ... i have to find it first.

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