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    Green snow?

    bryan boyer Jan 24 '05 4

    We've all been warned about the yellow snow, I've seen black ice, but today I discovered something new: green snow. The first thing that occurred to me is that someone had gone around mixing colors by combining blue dye and, shall we say, naturally yellow snow.

    I think I'll just stay inside until this whole blizzard issue takes care of itself.



    • Mason White
      Jan 24, 05 10:13 pm

      you know what green snow can sometimes lead to ...

      yeah, just stay in the gund greenhouse where it is nice and safe.

      bryan boyer
      Jan 25, 05 12:12 am

      mason, I think the cabin fever is getting to you!

      Jan 27, 05 4:10 pm

      Aside from the snow... What are three things you think Harvard GSD offers to place it at the top of the scale of best arch. schools? Just wondering.

      bryan boyer
      Jan 27, 05 8:54 pm

      eeg. Selecting among top tier schools is not something that lends itself to blanket statements, really. I think the decision has to be made based on personal criteria. I chose Harvard because I like the faculty and the facilities.

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