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    Soundtrack provided by iTunes Sharing

    bryan boyer Sep 29 '04 3

    Since the iPod has become a mandatory accessory* iTunes has also grown in popularity. A cool side effect of this when used en masse dans le studio is that you can listen to other people's music though iTunes Music Sharing. Now, with names like "MD", "teeniebopper", and ";)" your guess is as good as mine as to who's listening to what, but that kind of makes it even more interesting.

    I am very glad to find that the GSD has a defacto headphones rule. Late night laptop-speakers blaring Green Day from one end of studio and the Macarena from the other are the surest way to not only kill your productivity, but also drive you certifiably crazy. I speak from experience.

    *Poll of prefered music playing devices in the works. In my studio section the ipod is losing hard to two CD players and a tape (!) player.



    • Gabriel Duarte
      Sep 30, 04 4:59 am


      Here in Delft is still the forerunner among musical entertainment options for studios. Especially the 80's music channel. The best to keep you awake!!! hehehe

      All the best,

      Gabriel (TU Delft)

      bryan boyer
      Sep 30, 04 4:30 pm


      I've seen at least one person using accuradio here as well. It made me miss the old days when Launch didn't suck.

      Oct 2, 04 12:58 am

      Hi there,

      I wish we had your headphone rule at work ~ my co-workers taste in music has driven me certifiable. sniff, sob.

      Good luck at GSD!!!


      P.S.: my preferred music device is a turntable.


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