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    bryan boyer Mar 1 '05 8

    A small survey of favored vices in studio late on a Sunday night.

    After the midreview yesterday the general feeling was: why does today seem like Friday? That's not an encouraging way to start the week.



    • John JourdenJohn Jourden
      Mar 1, 05 2:54 pm

      where is the No'Doz?

      bryan boyer
      Mar 1, 05 3:02 pm

      Now that I think about it, I've never known anyone to actually take nodoz.

      Mar 1, 05 8:01 pm

      screw the no-doz, where is the Top Ramen?

      Mar 2, 05 1:13 am

      Is that the studio at GSD just as messy as every school else?
      Ha, that means you guys are HUMAN BEINGS.
      Yeah, architects are HUMAN BEINGS.

      bryan boyer
      Mar 2, 05 2:22 am

      human on the outside, robotic on the inside.

      Mar 2, 05 2:27 am

      I like your view, pretty interesting. It seems like you are pretty tired on what you are doing right now.

      Mar 6, 05 9:26 pm

      where are the lines of blow being done off of 2 ply chip board?

      bryan boyer
      Mar 6, 05 10:27 pm

      not pictured. also not pictured is the bottle of knob creek.

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