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    Preferred Publication Format?

    By bryan boyer
    Nov 29, '04 6:12 PM EST

    At RISD it was Frame Magazine that held the most coveted position in studio. Here it seems to be El Croquis that I find on people's desks more often than any other. The almost empty shelf of back issues in the library would support this theory. Do schools have preferred publications? What's yours?


    • plainjane

      Frame has some good stuff in it - but the graphic is screaming - gives me a headache
      El Croquis is really cool - i also like Arhictecture Review
      At SVA people aren't all that cool - they like Architecture Record...
      And the professors there likes Interior Design - I personally think it sucks.

      Nov 29, 04 6:56 pm

      i dont't know if we necessarily have a staple here... a&u and el croquis are heavyweights, of course. i like a&u, but most of the time they are a bit heavy on the (beautiful) pictures and renderings.

      my personal favorite is also el croquis. its clean, no frills, but i love the essays and interviews that accompany plans and renderings.

      quaderns can be interesting, but it's inconsistent, hit or miss.

      are any schools getting into 306090? i've just started looking at that.

      and the harvard design mag. is pretty interesting too (isn't that a staple there..?!)

      Nov 29, 04 10:49 pm
      bryan boyer

      dillup- I guess I was talking about pubs which feature projects more than essays and theoretical pieces which all of the issues of HDM I've seen lean towards. Though you reminded me that I particularly enjoy Praxis.

      Nov 29, 04 10:59 pm
      Mason White

      adbusters, detail, el croquis and arch review tend to clog my shelves.

      Nov 30, 04 12:08 am

      yeah, but you are now talking about individual tastes. Back to school popularity, I've only noticed the popularity of one book, not a journal. The silver Bible smlxl used to be on a lot of studio tables in the AA, at least 3 years ago.

      Nov 30, 04 9:22 am

      the met doesn't have magazines! you have to go all the way to the uni library to find them! scandal! apart from a few copies of AJ (uk industry magazine) in the cafffetteria, which you can always take to the toilets for a bit of time with yourself:)

      i guess that for the last year or so everybody in london is been reading Icon, it kicks ass!

      el croquis encourages fetish... what does el croquis mean anyway?

      Nov 30, 04 9:59 am

      "the sketch" i am told.

      i agree - detail is great. our school just got it... even some english translation... for the those who speak only 'defekter deutch'

      Nov 30, 04 10:49 am

      Croquis does mean Sketch. It could also mean drafting paper in some cases.

      Nov 30, 04 2:14 pm

      Some magazines I like, mainly for their unpredictable choise of projects/architects:




      Nov 30, 04 3:34 pm

      i remember when i walked through princeton for their open house, every single desk had on it a copy of smlxl, and / or mutations

      Nov 30, 04 3:34 pm

      El Croqius
      The Economist (!)

      Nov 30, 04 5:14 pm

      detail. it's available in an english version now.
      The Believer
      Cooks Illustrated
      Art Forum
      The Massive Change book/catalog by Bruce Mau may soon overtake the SMLXL chatter.

      Nov 30, 04 6:57 pm
      Israel Kandarian

      casa brutus
      el croquis

      Nov 30, 04 10:52 pm

      l'architecture d'aujourd hui (it was big in the 90's)
      pamphlet architecture (some personal favorites: Lars Lerup, LTL, icebergproject, gravity, sorkin, american house types)
      av (arquitectura viva)
      also on my shelf: gastronomica, the journal of food and culture (highly, highly recommended), mother jones
      not on my shelf and never will be, but this used to be some of my former prof's favorite vanity item: visionaire

      Nov 30, 04 11:44 pm
      bryan boyer

      dillup- smlxl is a popular book here also, I think that may be a pervasive fav.

      javier- What about cooks illustrated? It's one of my favorite food magazines because they're so damned thorough with the research. There's also a good food magazine entitled Eat from Japan that covers eating culture more than recipes and such, but the content and design are worth a look if you can track it down.

      Nov 30, 04 11:53 pm

      CROQUIS means SKETCH by far...has no other meanings...


      and the most common 'magazine' in my program this semester was CONTENT (Rem says is a Magazine, no??)

      Dec 1, 04 7:22 am

      bryan - i used to subscribe to cooks illustrated but wasn't finding time to read it... i agree that they are monastic in their research dedication. gastronomica ( is all essays and it is superbly illustrated. they have several disciplines (art history, anthropology, designers) represented inside. the subscription was one of the best presents i got all year.
      i also admire: wet

      Dec 1, 04 9:22 am
      David Cuthbert

      When I was in school it was Detail (dutch/german version)

      Dec 1, 04 10:49 am

      about 2 years ago a student at the gsd ran for some sort of elected student representative post with a photo of himself with the smlxl as the bible and a t-square as the stick [?] a la moses. it was done in a nice self mocking way.

      mags: whatever i can find. the school does not suscribe to any mags at all. i scrounge the web but only have 2 subscriptions: metropolis because it's the only one i can a fford and a great prize considering content, and harvard design magazine because it's a free perk.

      Dec 1, 04 11:43 am

      at the GSD circa 1999... it was:
      TOPOS (a personal fav also)
      EL CROQUIS (esp. mvrdv, moneo, oma)


      Dec 1, 04 11:56 am

      oh and:

      Dec 1, 04 11:57 am
      Derek Lindner

      Cooks Illustrated
      The Art of Eating
      On Food and Cooking
      (I'm not renewing my subscription to CI; AoE is more opinionated and informative about food and its production; OFC is much more scientifically rigorous. Together they supercede it entirely.)

      Technology Review


      Dec 1, 04 2:33 pm

      i think we should be looking at other magazines now... magazines that would give u a better understanding of the social moment, and could give u support on the way to act towards projects...

      Financial magazines,
      real estate (sorry if that is not the proper spell) developers reports
      social analyzis magazines
      even Cosmo maybe (hehehe)

      i dunno just an idea that came to my mind reading this tonight...


      Dec 1, 04 2:58 pm

      MADianito Croquera sera papel en Mexico

      Dec 1, 04 5:58 pm

      ooops I meant Croquera must be Draft paper in Mexico.

      Dec 1, 04 5:59 pm

      ok, so i just looked up el croquis and the subscription price has got to be wrong. $400 + change for a 5 issue / 12 month subscription?! someone tell me you aren't paying $83 for this!

      Dec 12, 04 11:28 am

      Can anyone help me get some back issues of Casa Brutus from Japan? any help appreciated.. am interested in those with articles on the futuro house.

      Jul 29, 05 7:34 pm

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