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    FOA @ GSD

    bryan boyer Feb 2 '05 4

    This semester Farshid Moussavi is teaching one of the options studios and to kick of the semester FOA has turned the lobby into a disco lounge.

    One wall features a bunch of patterns (haven't found the explanation for these yet) and the other is comprised of pages that are essentially taken from the Phylogenesis book.

    Detail of pattern wall.



    • bigness
      Feb 2, 05 9:33 am

      they ricycled the ica exhibition!
      the larger prints are magnifications of various bits of the 3d models of their schemes.

      damn, i've got a sort of stalker fixation with the guy...

      Feb 2, 05 4:33 pm

      He's a she.

      bryan boyer
      Feb 2, 05 6:08 pm

      though she works with a he.

      Feb 3, 05 8:16 am

      i was thinking zaera polo when i wrote "he"...and let's face it, she is just the cash behind the whole thing.
      (i got my gossip on...)

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