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    Vaseline? Proactivity?

    bryan boyer Apr 30 '05 7

    This week the trays were terrorized by gobs of vaseline smeared onto desk drawer handles and hand rails. Thankfully I haven't personally experienced this yet, but apparently one of the studios on the 3rd tray was the primary target. What are you people doing up there to inspire such acts? Student announce has been atwitter with discussion and speculation.

    Kate Feather, a second year student victimized by the attacks, discussed the incident in an exclusive interview with Archinect. "Just the word 'dollop' is gross," she explained, "but if that dollop is vaseline all over your desk it's not only gross it's just rude." Despite the initial shock, Kate claims she will be saving the petroleum jelly for a "dry moment."

    According to GSD study body president Chris White, the primary suspect is currently something called the "GSD Pro-activity Club." However, no one seems to know exactly who this club is or what they really do. I remember seeing a poster for the aforementioned club but haven't been able to find anyone who is a member or has first hand knowledge of their activities.

    More details on The Vaseline Fiasco as they emerge.



    • Javier ArbonaJavier Arbona
      Apr 30, 05 5:25 pm

      good to hear back from you, bryan. i was worried for you after that going swiss post. you should walk around studio with latex gloves.

      bryan boyer
      Apr 30, 05 5:31 pm

      In the immortal words of Johnny Five, I am Alive.

      Apr 30, 05 9:25 pm

      is this a gsd joke? am i missing something?

      May 1, 05 9:31 am

      what dry moment?

      Cheyne Owens
      May 1, 05 8:25 pm

      Was this

      a. an act of terror
      b. a random drunken prank
      c. an attempt to scare off potential incoming graduates with fears of deadly competition
      d. a smokescreen…pretending to be a vicious act of sabotage but in fact a loving moment to be cherished for years to come?

      Regardless, this is not reinforcing my decision to attend GSD over MIT( a school that from observation has an over abundance of healthy studio culture.)

      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
      May 1, 05 9:02 pm

      how big was the dollop?

      bryan boyer
      May 1, 05 10:57 pm

      threads- never fear, I'm pretty sure it was b,c, or d.

      smoke- frankly, I didn't care to discuss specifics of the dollop.

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