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    Survey: Mayline or Tsquare?

    bryan boyer Oct 15 '04 8

    Just curious, am I the only one who still uses a Tsquare?

    Is it true?



    • design geek-girl
      Oct 15, 04 5:52 pm

      no, you're not alone...

      Gabriel Duarte
      Oct 15, 04 10:37 pm

      This is Gabriel from TU Delft's weblog writing...
      I'll be in Boston/NY after Oct. 24 doing some research and visiting friends at GSD.
      It would be great if we could meet, and introduce the first 'joint-post' of all this school-blog thing.
      Send me an e-mail if you think it's a good idea.
      Greetings from Holland!

      david basulto
      Oct 18, 04 12:21 am

      i just love those small metallic rulers....
      and buying an expensive t square was the stupidest thing i've ever done...along with buying a 10 piece technical pens set when i entered school :P

      Oct 18, 04 7:33 am

      i use t square to turn on the lights in studio or to keep away people from fresh glue models or something...drawing with it?? oh yeah that could be a good idea if i had enough time to....

      Andy from Syracuse
      Oct 18, 04 7:50 am

      Mayline. T squares are for things like cropping your plots and smacking the guy at the next desk.

      David Cuthbert
      Oct 18, 04 3:12 pm

      T-squares are the ultimate weapons against Engineers - one gets outta hand an' "twack" right in the kisser

      They also make excellent cricket bats..."howz daaaaaaaat?"

      Tom Denney
      Oct 19, 04 7:53 am

      Here at I.I.T. we are made to mechanically draft for all of second year,(we were first year also). This is the construction details year of the Mies system of education. Mechanically drafting, and before I say this I know it is up for debate, helps IN MY OPINION to serve the purpose of getting you to work through a problem, so when your boss tells you to go work out the full-height door and transome opening at the front and back of a custom house you can do it in a reasonable amount of time. I'd love to see some hand drafted work on this site and maybe the blogs are a good place to show them off.

      P K
      Dec 15, 04 4:52 am

      I still have a pack of Dimeglio lying around, too, Bryan. ;)

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