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    Alejandro Aravena: X

    bryan boyer Oct 28 '04 5

    Thought people might like to see a few images from the exhibition in our lobby right now. Alejandro's presentation including his work on the Elemental housing project was great.

    Almost weightless paper models are supported by thin metal shelves. A small thread reaches for the wall but hangs suspended and never quite touching due to the magic of magnets.

    A series of 20-30 stereoscopic viewers present 3d images of Aravena's projects with toy giraffes, rhinos, and other animals interspersed as "scale figures."



    • MADianito
      Oct 28, 04 6:52 am

      Alejandro is great isn't he?? i had heard him a couple of times as lecturer, and i think he's a very sharp and intelligent architect with his goals and objectives in architecture very he still teaching a studio at the GSD??

      bryan boyer
      Oct 28, 04 2:39 pm


      He is teaching his third studio this semester, I believe. Don't know if it's still addressing low income housing issues though.

      Nov 1, 04 8:54 am


      david basulto
      Nov 4, 04 11:53 am

      the first model is a friend's house in a lake :)

      alejandro is doing first year studio at my school, also remodeling the studio's building (see my posts for pictures)

      Oct 23, 07 1:29 pm

      the new link of ELEMENTAL is
      the new site of Alejandro Aravena is
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