PLANT Architect Inc.

PLANT Architect Inc.

Toronto, ON, CA


Boustrophedon Garden

This temporary garden was one of eleven “Ephemeral Gardens” created for Québec City’s year-long 400th anniversary festival. The project weaves together ideas from Québec’s regional long-lot system and Samuel de Champlain’s early agricultural experimentation and recordings to create a three-dimensional public landscape “cloth” that registers growth and change. 

Conceived as a life-size graph, the garden’s length is an axis of time, embedded with a wood calendar that marks the duration of the festival in weekly increments. Rows of different vegetables and herbs run the length of the garden, each with a corresponding set of overhead, weighted ropes to mark life-cycle events. 

Much like a gardener’s journal, observations are gathered in anticipation of improving next year’s garden. As the plants die and the fruits and vegetables harvest, traces of the lifesize calendar remain. 

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Status: Built
Location: Quebec, QC, CA
Firm Role: Architect | Landscape Architect
Additional Credits: Photography Credits: Jessica Craig/PLANT

Photo Credit: Espace 400
Photo Credit: Espace 400