PLANT Architect Inc.

PLANT Architect Inc.

Toronto, ON, CA


Admiral Road Garden

The owners wanted a front garden that would complement and subtly refresh their classic Edwardian home, and a rear garden that would be a haven for their young family. At the front, the asymmetry of the planting beds flanking the stone walkway offsets the agrarian simplicity of rows of perennials and grasses running parallel to the house. 

At the rear, the challenge was to highlight a magnificent silver maple, while deflecting attention from the blank concrete-block wall of the commercial building that terminates the long, sloped yard. Our solution was to frame the yard with a stepped stone patio and a stepped cedar fence, creating a courtyard-like space. The enclosing cedar structure incorporates a bike shed and supports the trellised canopy of the dining area under the maple tree. Square, illuminated copper niches accent the fence. The landscape design improves rear yard views from the kitchen and the raised basement.

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Status: Built
Location: Toronto, ON, CA
Firm Role: Landscape Architect
Additional Credits: Photo Credits: Steven Evans Photography