PLANT Architect Inc.

PLANT Architect Inc.

Toronto, ON, CA


A Conversation of Views

This installation is one of four outdoor pieces commissioned by the Oakville Galleries for the surrounding public Gariloch Gardens. The installation was situated in a neglected area that was a former service yard for the estate. The project is concerned with both the physical and the historical perceptions of this room-like space. The installation explores the tension between the edges and the body of the outdoor room using two types of viewing devices, transformed and writ large: the Renaissance perspective drawing frame (perspectival) and the Victorian gazing globe (anti-perspectival). The installation includes two very large gazing globes, a hedge of fencing and red climbing plants, a 41-foot long viewing table, and a pavilion with benches. The installation was to be installed for one summer but was eventually worked into the Gallery education programme, remaining for another four years.

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Status: Built
Location: Oakville, ON, CA