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Commercial Bank Headquarters Project

Commercial Bank Headquarters Project is a 200-metre high tower located in the commercial centre of Taichung city, which comprises headquarters office space for Taichung Commercial Bank and luxury hotel accommodation.

The design concept originates from the Chinese character ‘中’ on the logo of the Taichung Commercial Bank.

Instead of stacking all functions in a singular tower, the design creates two ‘separate’ towers with a vertical void in the middle to connect them and capture the large facilities. A series of ‘floating’ transparent glass boxes for large functions such as exhibition areas, sky gardens, conferencing facilities, a ballroom and a swimming pool is situated inside the void to enrich the building shape and create an eye-catching feature along the main road. The rooftop terrace features a restaurant and VIP club with outdoor landscaped terrace, providing a spectacular balcony with magnificent city views. 

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Status: Built
Location: Taichung, TW
Firm Role: Design Architect