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Bravo Pazhou unites two functions into one spectacular composition

Aedas designed the 100,000-square-meter Bravo Pazhou mixed-use tower, located in the western portion of Pazhou’s central business district, with restaurants and a boutique hotel at the lower levels and office space at the upper floors.

The extraordinary thing about this development is the bespoke design to cater two owners in one unified composition. This special request from clients provides opportunities to explore creative ways to amalgamate specific masses in a single iconic composition.  As a result, the distinction between the functions is visible on the elevation. The whole composition is unified by a semi controlled random fenestration using vertical fins at regular intervals. The top portion of the tower uses a simple but effective gesture that combines observation points with the utility nodes.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Guangzhou, CN
Firm Role: Design Architect