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Aedas Wins First Place in the Jing Brand (Wuhan) Real Estate Project Design Competition

Located in Wuchang Binjiang Business District of Wuhan and endowed with convenient transportation, Aedas’s latest winning scheme for the renowned liquor manufacturer is created at the starting point of the district’s future development axis. The project is comprised of a 150m high-rise commercial tower and a 100m tower of serviced apartments perched atop a retail podium. 

 "Close to the Yangtze River, the plot affords a peerless panoramic view. We hope to build an inspiring, sustainable complex and a brand new landmark,” says Aedas Global Design Principal Dr Andy Wen.

Responding to the plot’s surroundings, the design premises its spatial arrangement on creating a “Jing Park” at the podium level to allow social interaction while extending the greenery towards the twin towers, creating a “Wuhan landmark”.

The high-rise tower and low-rise tower are set on the northeast and southwest corners of the plot respectively, and are separated from each other by the walk path across the plot. The walking path connects the Waterfront Park in the northwest and the industrial heritage park in the southeast, resulting in the intersection of the landscape and the urban axes. Pleasant, bucolic view as well as the flow of people are introduced into the development, rendering it a green and open space.

Inspired by the client’s corporate culture, an infinity loop wraps around the central courtyard, seamlessly threading functions and spaces while highlighting the retail shops and enterprise gallery on second and third floor. Greenery is strewn throughout from the sunken sharing plaza all the way up to the roof terraces, the organization amounts to a green valley designed for pleasant meandering. 

The Jing Gallery is outlined like a floating wine glass, supported by a gleaming, golden horn base; combined with the LED curved screen facing the atrium, Jing Brand’s corporate culture is perfectly reified. At its tail end, a landscape bridge is set to connect the surrounding area and improve accessibility. 

Through the skewed arrangement of the service core and adjusting tower orientations, sight obstruction between the towers is minimized, allowing for a panoramic view and providing flexible office space with sufficient natural light. The office area has a shared atrium and abundant public spaces where employees can communicate. The top of the office tower is the administrative reception center; the double-height space is peppered with greenery, conjuring an oasis in the clouds. 

"We hope by merging Wuhan’s cultural motifs and the open and innovative principles that bespoke Jing Brand as the design cornerstones, a unique, attractive place along the Yangtze River will be birthed.” — Aedas Executive Director Yi Jun Qian. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Wuhan, CN