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Aedas won the B07 plot design competition of Chengdu Jiaozi Park Business District

Jiaozi Park Business District is a mecca for financial and technological industries, surrounded by various transportation modes, as well as a stunning riverscape. The B07 plot is located in the core area of the Jiaozi Park business district, an important city node where the landscape axis of Jiaozi Park and the urban axis of Tianfu Avenue meet. The new headquarter office building with perfect work-live balance will become an important engine for the district development in the future.

The design is oriented towards creating a model financial headquarters in the spirit of a park city. It is impressive for its diagonal layout to exploit site landscape, the vertical extension strategy that make for a financial green living room, and its open, layered elements which facilitate interactive sharing. “True to our motto of ‘Local is Global’, we hope to create a landmark with Chengdu's cultural spirit and modern architectural vocabulary in the unique location of Jiaozi Park, and provide a template for future headquarter office spaces," Aedas Global Design Principal Dr Andy Wen said. 

 The design concept, "Diamond of Jiaozi", is rooted in a proud moment in Chengdu’s history when Jiaozi emerged as world’s first paper currency. To presage the prosperous development of the district, diamond serves as a fitting emblem. The simple and symmetrical geometric outline is embroidered with the crystal clear glass curtain wall so the coruscating facade becomes an arresting image even from afar. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Chengdu, CN