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Aedas-Designed Guangzhou Vanke Centre— A Lighting Box on the Banks of the Pearl River

Guangzhou Vanke Centre is nestled in Guangzhou’s new CBD area, on the riverside of Pearl River. It overlooks the serene beauty of Pearl River as well as several noted city landmarks. It is a Grade-A office complex composed of two towers.

The twin towers conform to the site’s parameters and are arranged in a north-south direction. The north tower is 163 meters tall and the south 133. The positioning of the towers are deliberately misaligned to ensure excellent river view from both vantage points. Spatial relationships between the development and the surrounding architecture are considered and reflected in the form, like in the adoption of retreat, and in the public spaces’ orientations, which are designed to face the city’s main interface. The result is an agreeable landscape in which buildings correspond and complemenet each other.  

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Status: Built
Location: Guangzhou, CN