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Aedas’ Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub— A Landmark Community Hub of an Ambitious Transport Vision

The Commercial Heart of Jurong East is defined as the “Jurong Gateway”, envisaged to be the largest, most vibrant commercial hub outside of Singapore’s city centre. In this context, the Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub is poised to be a key development and catalyser of the second CBD of Western Singapore, a true hub merging work and recreation that stimulates Jurong’s future growth.

Located at the heart of Jurong East, the Integrated Transport Hub comprises Civic and Community Institutions and an office tower on top of a public transport interchange. The design layout considers multiple transport systems, and incorporates a new MRT line for Jurong Region MRT line (JRL) in the development. The Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub is located with easy accessibility to existing Jurong East MRT station and future line stations. With its opening, commuters in the area can look forward to direct connectivity and more convenient transfers between the North-South and East-West Lines and the future Jurong Region Line at the Jurong East station. 

The architectural vision seeks to deliver an innovative, viable and distinctive development with a highly efficient Transit-Oriented Design philosophy at its core. The design resonates with the concept of “confluence”. The architectural language is a natural progression to a point of convergence, at which the architectural form and landscape meet. 

The intricate mixed-use development will feature a 27-storey tower block connected by a sky bridge to an eight-storey podium block. The development will have offices, public facilities as well as retail spaces. Employing a horizontal layering approach, the design simplifies tower massing, enforces continuity between disparate layers; while public and breakout spaces are stacked to maximise land use.

The design introduces two different plants selection for building blocks to reflect a duality of landscape character. Accessible to building users, lush landscape gardens and sky terraces suffuse outdoor spaces. In the east block building, as the space is dedicated to fitness activities, the roof landscape is more dynamic; whereas in the west building block, the gathering areas are designed to be relaxing and intimate. The sky bridge connects the roof areas and enables the connectivity between the transport hub, commercial and civic use plots. With clean, symmetrical composition, the bridge’s exterior cladding is consistent with the horizontal language of the development. These public circulation spaces are conscripted as naturally ventilated avenues where 24/7 sheltered accessibility between the various transport modes are provided.

Beyond as a landmark community hub with retail, transport, and leading civic institutions, the Integrated Transport Hub articulates a wider transport vision, one that exemplifies forward, progressive planning, and modern yet timeless design with emphasis on user experience. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Singapore, SG
Firm Role: Lead consultant, Design Architect and Qualified Person (QP)