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Aedas-designed pebble-inspired Lè Architecture in Taipei

Designed by Aedas, Lè Architecture in Taipei, Taiwan redefines Taipei’s rapidly developing skyline. The design draws inspiration from river pebbles to deliver a unique, aesthetic office building well integrating with the adjacent Jilong River and the local context in Nangang District in Taipei. The project also marks an important milestone on the revival of Nangang district.

Imitating a pebble embraced with mosses in the river, Lè Architecture provides vertical green belts on the west as well as a series of highly vegetated outdoor terraces on both the north and south of building ends, creating diverse façade layers with unparallelled views. Efficient, interactive and healthy office spaces are carefully planned to provide an ‘urban living room’ with span-leveled communal areas including kitchens, coffee shops, small libraries and brainstorming spaces, creating a comfortable and inspiring work environment for creativity.

This 18-storey office building is designed in an elegant oval form that straight glass panels are applied to optimise construction feasibility. Green planters on the west provide sufficient shading and effectively lower the temperature in the interiors during summer. Vertical aluminum fins in specific distance and depth facilitate to control the amount of sunlight streaming into the interiors. The project aims to achieve LEED gold certification. 

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Status: Built
Location: Taipei, TW