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Aedas-Designed Shanghai International Fortune Centre —Sailing Across the Waterscape

The recently-completed Shanghai International Fortune Centre in Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai, comprises 2 high-rise office towers interlinked through a three-storey podium with potential for future commercial purposes. Surrounded by multiple Metro lines and arterial roads, it is closely connected to the Lujiazui CBD in the west and Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park in the south. The development occupies an inverted L shape site along a tributary of Huangpu River, and is bordered by iconic commercial buildings from the 1990s. 

“Considering these geographical conditions, the heart of the design accentuates the challenge of taking full advantage of the waterfront landscape while arranging the business elements pragmatically—ultimately to promote the building as an emblem that reflects the city’s character.” Said Aedas Global Design Principal Ken Wai. 

Green office experience 

The plot is divided into two by a public road, with green space in the east, two high-rise office buildings and other ancillary functions in the west. A podium is set to bridge the twin towers, and is equipped with F&B and retail services to meet the needs of office-goers.

The design adopts a compact architectural layout to create three-dimensional public space within the site. A semi-enclosed courtyard between the twin towers enables an omni-level green relationship with the sunken garden and landscape courtyard on the east side; terraces and podium rooftop are fully utilised to provide a variety of outdoor social and leisure space for the hectic working population; and a cafe is set within a stand-alone pavilion on the open courtyard, supplement the development’s boundless ecosystem with yet another unique destination. Supported by an efficient structure and embellished with abundant greenery, a pleasant office environment and a distinct urban landmark is created.

Setting Sail 

The design concept of sail-setting is derived from the crisscrossing rivers in the area. The staggered placements of rectangular blocks and the crisp linear facade lines conjures up the image of a sailboat. The subtle curves on the podium roof, refuge storeys, and tower crown evoke a sense of rhythm that resembles propelling sails, which augurs the prosperous development of Jinqiao, sailing for a bright future. 

Composed of transparent glass curtain walls and tiered aluminum honeycomb panels, the rhythmic facade design provides efficient shading for the interior space and conveys a contemporary feel. In light of the tension between structural scale and height limit of the building, M&E services are meticulously optimised, to meet the requirements without compromising the form and function. 

The design applies different lighting configurations according to the form and functions of the building. The overall floodlighting of the tower accentuates the clean line surface, while wall washer lights are conscripted to emphasise features on the podium roof, refuge storeys as well as the tower crown. As night falls, the tower crown illuminates as a sail rising up the sea surface—together with the King Tower and the Civil Aviation Building, three high-rise architecture form a cluster of light, gleaming against the night sky. 

Overlooking the beautiful scenery of Puxi and Pudong, in an elegant high-end office atmosphere bathed in lush greenery, the Shanghai International Fortune Centre elevates the architectural standards for office buildings in the area.

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, CN
Firm Role: Design & Project Architect