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Aedas & SUTPC Design Zhanjiang Central Station Hub

The consortium of Aedas and Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center won the international competition to create a conceptual plan for the Zhanjiang Central Station Hub at the coastal city in South China.

Zhanjiang Central Station is located in the geographic center of Zhanjiang City, converging 5 strategic rail links to connect major economic zones in South China. The plot is adjacent to the city’s main arterial roads, with a total land area of over 400,000 square meters. The design strives to rationally integrate the diverse elements of offices, apartments, hotels, commerce, public services and more around the transportation hub and with the urban fabric, to create a station-city living room. 

 The design proposes a holistic model of Transit-Oriented Development, where station-city integration and the people-centric principle is valued.  Aedas Chairman and Global Design Principal, Keith Griffiths believes “High-speed rail as merely a transportation facility is a bygone perception. It should be integrated into the city and serve as a thread between disparate communities and remote regions of the city.” As such, a multitude of functions are positioned around the station hall, and by a consistent nature theme and an efficient slow-moving system, the design elevates relationship between architecture and community.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Zhanjiang, CN