Bright Common

Bright Common

Philadelphia, PA


The Dubbel

The Dubbel was designed as a black monolith, a sort of mythical, restrained witness stone, both conveying a sadness for a lost past and a hope for a regenerative future. Its clad in a single material that can shape change with the passing daylight. The openings are oriented from the inside out based on daylighting, privacy and views rather than its more formal 19th century kin. This hand-crafted new-construction duplex in the Brewerytown section of Philadelphia integrates rigorous passive house strategies and is Philadelphia's first Zero Energy Ready Homes multi-family project. This foam-free project leaves out the "natural gas" eliminating its ties to hydraulic fracturing. Thanks to a super-insulated, airtight building envelope its able to rely solely on electricity as its power source, and with the addition of a rooftop solar PV array it will use very little.

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Status: Built
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
Firm Role: Architect