Bright Common

Bright Common

Philadelphia, PA


Power Plus

The PowerPlus affordable housing model addresses both the affordable housing shortage and climate change with one holistic, adaptable solution. Designed as a passive house, near-zero-energy, urban infill duplex prototype, PowerPlus' innovative design allows it to grow or shrink into a wide range of dimensionally variable empty lots common to urban areas. With a menu of exterior materials and roof profiles to explore, the design can site-regenerate itself from neighborhood to neighborhood without sacrificing all Passive House has to offer: low energy bills, exceptional comfort, high quality indoor air, durability, and with the addition of rooftop PV: resiliency in the face of increasing energy uncertainty. As a financial vehicle, this model allows a homeowner to live in a 3-bed / 1.5 bath house over an income generating 2 bed / 1 bath rental unit below to allow for affordable long term owner occupation, stabilizing neighborhoods locally and the environment globally.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
Firm Role: Architect