Bright Common

Bright Common

Philadelphia, PA


low house

This single-family home sits in knuckle of two soft hills, becoming a threshold between street behind and farmland beyond. In an attempt to reduce its visibility from neighbors, this one-story house remains low to the ground.

Composed of a series of boxes (a main house, a guest house, and a storage barn) a stoic facade faces the street while generous glazing opens the home towards the landscape. One passes the guest house and main house upon entry, not yet able to see what lies behind the building mass. Stepping up from the entry courtyard one lands on the gathering deck. Walls flank either side and a roof covers overhead, allowing the view to be framed in this moment. Once a fire is lit and family is seated at the outdoor long table, the deck becomes an extension of the inside. This home is a place for family and friends to dwell. While privacy is afforded by walls, outdoor spaces bring them together.

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Status: Unbuilt
Firm Role: Architect