Bright Common

Bright Common

Philadelphia, PA


House Askew

This 3-story, 2,300 sf brick rowhouse in Philadelphia is undergoing one of the city's first foam-free deep energy retrofits. Foregoing the toxicity and underperformance of spray foam, and instead using Building Biology and Passive House principles as guides this gut-job renovation will have a 21st century building enclosure as a model house for the Anthropocene. Hygrothermal modeling using WUFI. will help ensure bi-directional vapor diffusion of accumulated moisture, helping the vapor-variable air barrier and dense packed cellulose greatly reduce this homes annual energy bill while reducing its contribution to climate change. This electric-only, "frack-free" house is solar-ready to push it closer to net-zero energy, and as a bonus will not support the hydraulic fracturing industry in its operation.

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Status: Built
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
Firm Role: Architect + Certified Passive House Designer
Additional Credits: Juan Levy: FutureFit Construction