Bright Common

Bright Common

Philadelphia, PA



This single-family, infill rowhome neatly tucks into South Kensington's fabric of varied architectural styles. This 8-level home feels small from the street but once inside, the building opens up. With 10 foot high ceilings and 6 foot high glazing, sunlight reaches far into the building core, where a central stair connects the home's 6 interior levels and 2 roof deck levels. Each level is connected to two others (one a half flight higher, one a half flight lower) which further accentuates the feeling of openness. House 8's exterior spaces are as delightful as the home's interior. The main living space looks upon a sunken rear yard with a garden and grass yard beyond, and a west facing roof deck allows the perfect view for a sunset over Center City. To compliment it's unique design, this house was built with stringent energy goals in mind. It has met Passive House's rigorous air-tightness requirements and is awaiting final compliance from the Department of Energy's Zero Energy Ready Home Program.

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Status: Built
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
Firm Role: Architect