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    4.8 :: Last Call

    Emily Kemper
    Feb 23, '09 6:12 PM EST

    I just wanted to give mad props to those of you who have visited my thesis Web site and taken the survey. I've gotten lots of good feedback thus far, and much of the data from the survey - even though it is unscientific - will make it into my final thesis document. (Except perhaps those who have left comments like "Good job cousin!"...Sorry.)

    To those of you who want to make it into my thesis document, there is still time; I will probably take one last look at the survey this weekend before I have to compile everything for my final presentation in 2 weeks. So by all means, please visit, and take the survey (linked to at the bottom of each page):

    And for those of you who already have visited, you touched on many of what I see as my weaknesses with the site, including the not-necessarily-polished design, some inadequacy with the zone maps, and awkwardness of some of the pages. Essentially with this project I had to work within the boundaries of what my own capabilities with web design are, which are many, since I was trained as an architect, not a digital designer. I had to do this while still focusing on and churning out a large amount of content, so the site as you see it is what I view as my first pass. I will try to make some revisions by my presentation on March 11, and your feedback will guide me through that.

    In the meantime, if anyone knows of any cool Web sites that they can suggest I look at for user-interactivity, please post them here.

    PS. What will I do after I present my thesis, you ask? I'm not entirely sure but does anyone want to buy this with me?


    • Whoops, I forgot to mention this but my professors told me today that they have passed my Web site onto the Society of Building Science Educators (I think that's it) and it's a long shot, but I could possibly get funding to finish the Web site! Yeah! That means that I could actually hire someone who knows how to code more than HTML! So keep your fingers crossed :o)

      Feb 23, 09 6:19 pm  · 

      Great work!

      Who else is in the collective?

      so how will you submit your thesis as a 'book' to USC?

      Feb 24, 09 1:35 pm  · 

      You're in the collective, I'm in the collective...we all are! it's based off of some ideas that I have for how we can advance environmentally-sensitive building design in the profession. I'll get into that later.

      My thesis gets submitted no later than April 1 digitally to USC ... I'm not sure how's magic. Also the document is up to 80 pages, and that's not counting any of the Appendices, which will be huge....

      Feb 24, 09 2:34 pm  · 


      you made that

      Feb 25, 09 8:10 am  · 

      check this out:
      Zero Energy houses!

      Feb 25, 09 11:10 am  · 

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      Jan 5, 10 4:14 am  · 

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