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    joanna tan
    Nov 13, '10 12:39 AM EST

  • housing studio

    joanna tan
    Oct 21, '10 3:13 AM EST

    housing studio Often times when someone outside the architecture realm finds out that you are studying architecture, the first thing that comes out of their mouth falls within the lines of "so... does that mean you are going to make houses someday?” At first glance, the idea of "making a... View full entry

  • architecture students turned furniture designers

    joanna tan
    Mar 19, '10 5:03 PM EST

    assignment: design a bench that would fit three sitting people and a recline for one here are just a few: bench by nick m, sari h, tim h bench by mintra m, dave s, wanlin y bench by jessica c, chris r, nathan h bench by malone d, jamie m, ashley f bench by ahad b, elliot a, brian l, joanna t View full entry

  • A Semester of Material

    joanna tan
    Feb 2, '10 1:43 AM EST

    This new semester has many of the second years at the architecture school rethink architecture in a new light. We have all put a pause to the ideals of poché(space and form), movement, sequence and the urban, conditioned to us by Andrew Liang and we are now focusing on the the micro details... View full entry

  • best architecture schools?

    joanna tan
    Nov 5, '09 4:19 PM EST The list is out and my school ranked #10 but I always wondered how they come up with the results. Do they look at our grades? Judge us by how many get hired after graduating? Come to our reviews and compare?... View full entry

  • first project documentation

    joanna tan
    Sep 21, '09 3:06 AM EST

    (see previous post for project description) part a space and form object study part b precedent study View full entry

  • The first post from a second year

    joanna tan
    Sep 10, '09 2:14 AM EST

    As you can tell from the lack of entries... it has been a hectic start. The studios this year are a lot better than the "dungeon" we had to work in last year. First year studio is dubbed the dungeon because it is basically one large space located in the basement. (cold, dark threshold included.)... View full entry

  • The end of the beginning

    joanna tan
    Aug 24, '09 3:01 AM EST

    So today marks the last day of summer break and tomorrow will be officially the first day of "second year". Andrew Liang is our coordinator this year and my instructor as well. Since this announcement, I've been wished "good luck" a couple of times and have been warned of a challenging semester... View full entry

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