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    3.13 :: Beat up

    Emily Kemper
    Nov 4, '08 11:24 AM EST

    Hello. I apologize for the long absence but it's been a very rough month for me. A couple of weeks ago I had to fly to the East Coast abruptly for a funeral; and then yesterday my cat passed away. In the middle of all of this I had to find the time and the energy to work on my thesis in order to give my mid-term presentation. It wasn't easy.

    RIP Hootie

    However, my mid-term presentation went well. My web site is progressing, a little more slowly than I'd like, but fortunately where my web design is concerned, I have a secret weapon on my thesis committee: Archinect Paul. Yes, that's right, I asked Paul Petrunia to participate on my thesis committee, since I think he knows a little something about web design, and he agreed. He attended my presentation yesterday and was not only helpful, he impressed my professors! They wanted him to stay! We'll talk about that more later, but needless to say, I was grateful for his presence.

    Last but not least, I hope everyone gets out and votes today. It has been no secret to most that know me that I am supporting Barack Obama and have been since Februrary 2007. I will shamelessly ask for your vote today, and if you are truly undecided and have no other reasons to vote, please vote for him because I've had a crappy month and I really need good news tonight. Thank you.


    • Liebchen

      I am sad to hear about your cat.

      Nov 4, 08 12:34 pm  · 

      Thank you Liebchen.

      Nov 4, 08 5:42 pm  · 

      beautiful picture of Wonder Kitty. I do feel like I've known her from all you've said, and feel saddened that I never met her. And its weird because I'm not a cat person. Keep your chin up, remember the good times.

      Nov 5, 08 12:04 am  · 


      Nov 5, 08 12:19 am  · 

      well, looks like you got your wish tonight. hurray for emily!

      i LOVE hearing that archinect not only helps people to connect and do cool things, but that it leads to more cool things that would not have happened otherwise. the internet age really is so cool.

      i love to live in these interesting times.

      Nov 5, 08 6:16 am  · 

      Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat Emily.

      I was glad I was able to provide some feedback for you. You've put together a great project and I look forward to watching it develop.

      At least yesterday ended in such a positive way. This is probably the first time that I've truly admired a politician.

      Nov 5, 08 11:44 pm  · 

      Thanks Paul. I appreciate your thoughts and your help! We'll talk soon.

      Nov 10, 08 3:02 pm  · 

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