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    4.13 :: Oh crap.

    Emily Kemper
    Mar 25, '09 2:44 PM EST

    So apparently I've been nominated to speak at our graduation ceremony. (!!!)

    I have 3-5 minutes. What should I talk about? Post suggestions below. :o)


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      Talk about abracadabra FAIA.

      Talk about Per Corell

      Talk about Archinect

      Give a John Cage-like speech

      Talk about Guantanamo

      Mar 25, 09 3:27 pm  · 
      liberty bell

      That would be about half a Pecha Kucha presentation (6:40). So, do ten slides, 20 seconds each.

      Mar 25, 09 3:42 pm  · 
      vado retro

      it doesn't really matter what you say as all the people in the audience will be texting their friends.

      Mar 26, 09 11:40 am  · 
      Los Angeles

      There is nothing better than comedy. Obviously don't make the whole thing funny, just mock one of the courses (Well if your B.Arch, i always hated 105 from first year, I still go to U.S.C.) or experiences, and give a nice reflecting thought, and your good to go.

      Obviously, easier said than done....

      Mar 28, 09 11:23 pm  · 

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