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    4.1 :: Bragging about the weather

    Emily Kemper
    Jan 13, '09 3:19 PM EST

    The first day of Spring Semester 2009 at USC was yesterday, and I'm starting to experience what can best be described as "senioritis." This includes a sense of impatience with formal class time, an indescribable urge to work harder and faster than ever before, and an ulcer growing in the pit of my stomach caused by job search angst. Graduation is certainly on the horizon, but before I can get there, I have to finish my web site, write a giant thesis document, do a couple of seminars, and help write a book, all while sending out resumes and positive "hire me" vibes. Maybe that's why I'm moving so fast.

    The good news is my web site is nearly ready and should be rolled out in the next couple of weeks. Until then, I am going to try to enjoy the sunshine every time I walk to and from my apartment and school (but that's pretty much it - let's face it, you can't code on the beach). It's January, and being relatively new to the area, I am still trying to get used to wearing short sleeves in the winter months. Even so, at 80 degrees for the high this week, I think it's unseasonably warm for Los Angeles in January...I mean, right? I have also noticed the tendency for people to bring up the "sunshine" and the "warm weather" in conversations more often during the winter months. As if to say, 'hey, it may have taken me 90 minutes to get here in bumper to bumper traffic, and the cost of living is crippling, and there could be another atmosphere-wrecking wildfire or an earthquake next week, but at least it's not -5 degrees here like it is in Minnesota.'

    Here's a view from our all-school meeting yesterday:

    Stay warm, folks.


    • treekiller


      it was -16 this morning. the high was -5. if you're going to pick on Minnesota, at least get it right!!!!

      Jan 13, 09 3:58 pm  · 

      Emily did you always know how to code or did you have to teach yorself for this project?
      I am thinking about trying to start up my own website (non blog based). Although i would only do this if i could actually convince myself to bother learning some basic web programming.

      What do you think?

      Jan 13, 09 4:34 pm  · 

      wow, The Land of Passive Aggressives got called out?! well, you and your 70 degree, sunshiney, sunkissed coast of earthquaking goodness can, can just enjoy it....

      Jan 13, 09 9:42 pm  · 

      tk, my bad. :oP

      nam, I am taking some liberties when I say I am knowledge of coding web sites is rudimentary at best. It's basically HTML, CSS, and whatever else I can figure out through copying and pasting. All of my knowledge is self-taught, and as such, involves a lot of trial and error. Still, it's not that hard to get a basic site up and running, and if you have updated versions of Adobe P-shop or Illustrator, you could bang it out pretty easily.

      Stourley, thanks. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I think location is all a matter of perspective and priorities, isn't it? :-D

      Jan 13, 09 11:55 pm  · 

      i'm laughing at this because it's 18d in louisville right now - and this is the week that my father-in-law from maui showed up! last night my wife had to take him out to buy socks.

      Jan 14, 09 7:24 am  · 

      Emily, I know it's a weird adjustment, but it actually seems unseasonably cold this winter - I wore scarves and didn't feel like a jerk, and last year it got up to 90 deg about this week of January. I hope you can make it to the beach though, since it's looking like I sure won't!

      Jan 14, 09 5:09 pm  · 

      Hi, Emily,

      Your post caught my eye, and, yes, the weather has been wonderful. One of the reasons there's a big city here in the first place.

      But your photo intrigued me: where is that? Is that in Harris/Gin Wong? Not in Watt. I was just wondering.

      Stay cool...

      Jan 15, 09 9:34 am  · 

      Interesting...a friend in Santa Barbara recently gave up waiting for the Cali real-estate market to crash to levels where they could afford a house (baby on the way), so she took a corporate transfer to Missouri, with pay cut.

      Not sexy, but having a house and backyard and all that "American dream" stuff still resonates over the weather for many.

      She also noticed my secret..."There are really cheap flights to Miami from the mid-west."

      Jan 15, 09 3:39 pm  · 

      Scott...the beach doesn't hold too much allure for me, which is good, since I have no time for it anyway :-D

      Hey, was in Seely G. Mudd auditorium. And that still isn't big enough. SOA has over 500 undergrads and about 150 grad students now, so we have a hard time fitting anywhere comfortably!

      Thanks for your comment aqua. I think the American dream still resonates for many people in some way or another. Perhaps it's a house with a yard, or maybe it's just a little slice of the sky. Having lived in so many cities at this point (Cincinnati, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, and now Los Angeles), I've been trying to determine what might be my ideal situation as a "quality of life vs. cost of living" balance. Oooh, I feel another blog post coming on....I'd better stop while I'm ahead. :o)

      Jan 15, 09 4:22 pm  · 

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