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    4.14 :: Never rest...

    Emily Kemper
    Mar 31, '09 5:52 PM EST

    Today I had the opportunity to have lunch with some of the trustees of the University. I was invited, along with several other students from various disciplines, to come and discuss some of the work that I've been doing as a graduate student and with the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation. I sat between two trustees: Frank was a co-founder of Telemundo and Norm is an author, media expert, and professor in the School of Cinematic Arts. It was lovely and a great opportunity to see first hand that the Trojan community is so robust because it has some very enthusiastic people helping to run it.

    I also just found out that I am a finalist for a Traveling Fellowship that I applied for. This is exciting, except I applied based on the assumption that I would be joining a group from my school on a two-week International Lab excursion to Rio de Janeiro, and apparently my school isn't doing that anymore. So I need to revise my itinerary....

    ALSO, over the weekend we had a Beaux Arts Ball, and the theme this year was Masquerade. I don't know if I was distracted before I went or what, but I didn't put much effort into my costume although I did wear some rad earrings. I am not posting pictures from the event, mainly because I didn't take any but also, well.... I don't know if everyone wants pictures of themselves in costume on my blog!

    Essentially what I'm finding out is that the answer to the question "So what will you do now that your thesis is done?" is .... "plenty."

    (Sorry for not posting pictures again. I thought about posting random shots but couldn't find any good ones. :o/ )


    • Oh, almost forgot, this is for make:

      Leo Marmol is taking us on a field trip to his office and to a house that they designed this Saturday morning. I promise I will take my camera and document this event!

      Apr 1, 09 3:25 am  · 


      Let's see 'em!


      Apr 1, 09 9:26 pm  · 

      ooh, fun, emily! What's Frank's last name? Does he have a son? I might know him. Weird.

      Apr 1, 09 11:19 pm  · 

      make, I have to go on the field trip first!

      manta, it's Cruz. I have no idea if he has offspring, LOL.

      Apr 2, 09 12:37 am  · 

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